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Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined

The new Virtuoso VIII Chapter Second includes everything else that makes this introduction special-a patented flying tourbillon with a 10-day power reserve, a patented accelerator rewind system, a writing tilted case and a sapphire crystal window, and a beautiful machine. The core decoration, the big date display, and the two dials form a horizontal eight, which symbolizes luck, perfection and infinity in numerology and many cultures.

In order to obtain excellent legibility, the seconds display has been carefully designed and displayed by the Super-LumiNova coated sub-dial. The index arrow hovering over the surface of the exquisite circular dial displays for 60 seconds. Even in the dark, the simple and precise readability provided by this display is excellent. For this reason, during the initial assembly stage, the seconds dial must be glued to the disc, which makes the watchmaker’s work more refined when using Super-LumiNova coating, because the scratches need to be restarted. quality replica watches

It is hard to imagine that a Super-LumiNova dial of such a diameter can be hung on the date plate and can achieve such a large date display. Now reduce the space between the unit disk and the disk to optimize readability, and make it as large as possible to improve readability. The watchmaker will not forget to set the date, even without removing the watch from the wrist, just press the real cabochon sapphire crown. The fast date corrector on the crown and the iconic 12 o’clock position effectively avoid any random date correction.

The movement that drives this outstanding watch meets Bovet’s strict standards for timekeeping, reliability and expressiveness. It draws power from a single barrel, ensuring a power reserve of more than 10 days, while maintaining the swing speed of the balance at 18,000 vph.

Finally, if there is no spherical differential winding system, the power reserve of more than ten days provided by a single barrel will require careful winding. The application of this ingenious mechanism, as well as the multi-gear tee tooth of one of the gears, has been granted two patents. Due to the use of this differential winding system, the number of turns required to fully wind the mainspring is halved without increasing the friction and force on the gears. The Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Limited Edition (8 pieces each) is a modern interpretation of Bovet’s exclusive patented flying tourbillon, with a large date and extended power reserve. The Super-LumiNova coated dial and black DLC titanium case are the true beginning of Bovet’s 21st century and a reliable harbinger of the future.

Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter 2 Technical Data DLC-SLN

T10GD041, titanium DLC, T10GD042 green super luminous
Dial, titanium DLC, T10GD045 blue super luminous
Dial, titanium DLC, T10GD046 yellow super luminous
Dial, titanium DLC, purple super luminous dial
T10GD051, titanium DLC, salmon super luminous dial
Limited edition

CASE type Fleurier diameter 44 mm
Material titanium strap full crocodile leather
Buckle stainless steel
Clasp and diamond-like carbon coating 30 meters waterproof movement 17BM06-GD
Type stainless steel winding sports hand decorated with Côtes de Genève black
17″ in diameter
Frequency 18′ 000 v/h 10 days
Power reserve, single-case function. Hours, minutes and seconds on the flying tourbillon, big date, power reserve indicator
MAGIC color Super-LumiNova; green, blue, yellow, purple, salmon 394 parts-including 356 parts of the patented movement spherical winding with multiple double-sided tourbillon gears