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PORSCHE DESIGN Porsche Time Watch Brand

Porsche Lizenz- und handelsgesellschaft MBH & Co. KG, headquartered in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany (Bikhim-Bi Sinter). The Group mainly has three lower-level brands, which are fake Porsche Design, Porsche Design Driver’s Selection and Porsche Design Studio.

Porsche Design is called Design by F.a. Porsche, founded in Stuttgart by German Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972. F.a. Porsche is the founder of the famous Porsche Motor, Germany and the grandson of the inventor of Porsche 911. In 1974, the Group reliends to Austrian Zell AM See. At the same time as Porsche 911 became a popular world sports car, the products designed by F.a. Porsche also received attention to the classics of the design industry. In the following decades, men with Porsche Design labels such as glasses, watch and pen and other items swept the global market. At the same time, a large number of industrial products, household appliances, living materials are even possible by the brand of ordinary cars on the street. It is likely to be designed by Porsche Design.

The product features of Porsche Design Studio are clear appearance, fine selection, and manufacturing combined with traditional and modern technology technology. Since 2005, all products development and sales will have a brand identity of Porsche Design. Porsche Design 1919

Porsche Selection is a car accessory for car manufacturers PORSCHE. More than 50 years, Porsche has been developing and producing car related fittings. Since the early 1950s, special 911 developed baggage boxes, wallets, T-shirts, calendars, model vehicles, or even small buttons, can be seen in Porsche’s boutique stores. In 1994, the business department of Porsche AG adopted the brand name of Porsche Selection, and renamed Porsche Design Driver’s Selection in 2004.

Porsche Design is one of the top luxury brands in the high-end men’s accessory industry. Porsche Design combines features, saves time, and gorgeous combined into the product through unique technological innovation.time2umall