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Jacob & Co. Astonomia

Jacob & co. It is a force estimated in the tab. With some of the most extraordinary, luxury and highly trusted fragments, Jacob & Co. Watch is visually and mechanically spectacular. In Jacob & Co Co. and Wonders, there is no thing that is too distant.

Jacob & Co. Astonomia Alec monopoly is a real mechanical event

As a child in the 1980s, I have been growing more than a few years before the small things called the Internet. Games are offline instead of online games, you have to watch your favorite TV show, otherwise you will miss it. Growing I have a few favorite electric vehicles and board games. In my accident, two of them have just raised their heads in cooperation with famous artists and painter Alec. Again, it is the largest mechanical bold.

As a special cooperation between the most luxurious independent watch manufacturers and famous street artists, astromia Alec monopoly combines several art crafts in signature astronomical theme. The four arms of the movement rotate on a shiny black sub-training base dial, there are four unique and hand-made characters, all of us are familiar. luxury men watch

In a playful distortion, four remittance figs rotate as exercise. The first is the explanation of Alec monopoly, launched the mask and show its weapons into “money wings”. Second, we have Scrooge McDuck, a ridiculous quality from Donald Duck comics. Then a monopoly member, from the chessboard game, holding a melted pink dollar card ice cream egg tachry. The last figurine is a dollar symbol, and the red is coated with the side of the color.

Each of these figves is hand-engraved and casting, and then done by hand. Next, Alec monopoly is manually drawn every one, which is a breakthrough in a common work because he is accustomed to a larger canvas than this. Such a small scale is far from being too easy, but the result is full of vitality and fun.

Of course, Jacob & Co. Astonomia Alec monopoly is not a simple and restrained watch, as well. Due to the cutting of the case and the cutting of the extremely dome of sapphire crystals, 18K rose gold cases provide almost accessible views of the entire landscape. As described above, since the internal JCAM25 manually wrapped, everything seen on the dial is rotated. This movement is displayed by maintaining an upright satellite project. Sitting on the other end with a biaxial gyro escape. The other two arms have grip with 288 small planes, hand-painted earth and spherical diamonds.