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A. Lange & Söhne Langematik Perpetual

It is said that the eternal dial of the Langematik has a soul. This is neither a derivative of past derivatives. With Rome numbers, the brand’s custom font and the signature bias dates, which successfully created their own aura and diverged from the crowd.

Since 2001, all Langematik permanent watches have defeated the heart. Based on the original, smart SAX-0-Mat Caliber L921.2 adds a permanent calendar module at the top, which is automatic movement obtained from A. Lange & Söhne.

Until Langematik is eternal, the entire rich historic permanent calendar complications are dominated, so talk. Those who are better than others.

It is Baixi Philip, in 1925, the permanent calendar and reference in the watch in 1925, 97975.1937 Pratk Gary and reference. 96 96 Created the first permanent calendar watch in the world – in 2002, more than 1 million Swiss francs in the victims. Finally, in 1941, the world’s first continuous production of the 100-year extension calendar was imagined in 1941, the BACD 1526; this has established a brand’s signature permanent calendar layout, with two apertures and central sub-dials. It may be the optimized design in the calendar, used for aesthetics and readiness …

In fact, the design is dominant and successful, and many brands have begun to copy the layout. However, there is also an abnormal value with a featured design, such as the famous brand of Audemars Piguet 5516 – The first permanent calendar watch with a leap year indication. Although some original design have emerged, most of them are increments on the template, through the date of the watch.

The design concept of Langematik Perpetual is inspired by the Bauhaus Original Design Principle – Information Hierarchy. You can decipher the layout: the date is the most important information of the permanent calendar and the user’s most needed information; therefore, it should be the most prominent location. Although this philosophy leads to terror in data sheet permanent work, it is a huge job of Langematik permanent.

Railway minutes track is surrounded by easy-to-read Langematik permanent dials. Applying Roman numbers sitting on the main dial, separated from the calendar indication, resulting in no confusion. At 9 o’clock, the forefront of the month, the forefront of the year, the daily / night indicator, at 3 o’clock and the juvenile stopwatch and the shadow of 6 o ‘clock. Information is delivered in a clear manner, and you can read the dial at a glance. The Moonphase disc is made of pure gold and continuous movement. The fade of each Roman figure will help read at night, although there is no extraordinary thing.

One pet peeve I have is about the instructions of the leap year, which breaks through the entire symmetry. It may attract some things that have vitality to the dial. However, I hope it is placed in a few months of sub-dial without breaking the focus. In addition, the “permanent calendar” inscription in the child dial will also disappear with such exercises.

All Langematik Perpetual Editions In addition to the limited version of the Honey Gold version with a list of a list. Although the limited honey island version has a Guilloché (stamp) mode, it can be perfect in my taste and bring a new aura for the watch. It helps to separate signs and hours / minute markers, thus created an organization and clearer dial design.

The Calibre L921 series is used in all automatic watches of the brand until 2011 is the most famous, so unique, Hermut Gen, Helmut Geyer. It is said that Jay is working in the leisure time, and later showed the BLÜMLEIN. Whether he likes to develop such a caliber. Blümlein was amazed at its beauty, GO and SAX-0-MAT born in 1997. A. Lange & Söhne Langematik Perpetual

L922.1 of Langematik Perpetual, such as three-thirds of three sectors, modern technology, and this synthesis result is different, except for excellent things. The aesthetic harmony formed by countless finishing technology, as well as palettes made from golden birds, blue screws, and German silver. In addition, solid gold and deep carved rotors with platinum weight are brilliant touch; increase the existence of wrists and increase more ordinary to LanGematik permanent.

Caliber L922.1 is made of 478 separate parts, providing 46-hour power reserves, 3Hz tap, with additional gears, providing accuracy for 122.6 years old.

Overall, SAX-0-MAT is a significant achievement. I can’t think of any other modern A. Lange & Söhne team, which is far from the brand’s legacy, but is fused because of this brand. In fact, Lange only a few parts of the automatic pocket watch thinking again in the days, they gone after 1945, there is no modern inspiration. GEYER Try to turn the unrelated part of the brand history into an unrelated part of A. Lange & Söhne – from Visuality and completion of technological innovation. As a result, the L921 series is unique in the L921 series of LANGEMATIK in the Calibers Ocean of Lange.

Due to its name, Langematik Perpetual provides permanent calendar complications and zero backup mechanisms. Therefore, before entering the market part, I want to cross the principles of these two mechanisms – just because I am in love with you, I think you may.

The permanent calendar is just a mechanism, gives the date, date, month, and often month, and automatically calculates the length of each month and the leap year until 2100. Because the Gregory calendar ignored the 2100-year leap year; therefore, the owner must adjust his / her mechanism.

The permanent calendar is invented by Thomas Mud – inventor, watchmaker. The father is the most important inventive manufacturing, the leverage escapement method and the first REMONTOIR in the gear train may be the first watch and page of the first watch and page of the time equation: Permanent calendar. Although there is a permanent calendar in each clock before he arrives, he is a person who adapts to the principle of watching 1762. fake A. Lange & Söhne

The principle of the permanent calendar mechanism (other person but LANGEMATIK is permanent is one of a classic style) is a cam of a program wheel or 48, each step to represent a month. It has four different grooves: the minimum groove represents February 28th, the second lowest, third month, 30 days and the most light month for 31 days. This wheel has completed a complete turn within four years.

The program wheel is a permanent brain of Langematik. A finger is connected to the lever, sliding through the cam and controlling the remaining moving parts. Use 31 (day) tooth to the star wheel. Imagine, the finger is in the deepest groove, and the per night lever is retracted from the deepest groove and retract the star wheel by clicking on Step.

31 Tooth Cream With a snail-shaped cam, then click. Until February 28, click still on the snail. At midnight, click on the street behind the snail because the lever is at the deepest point of the program wheel, so it is also a tail. Through this depression, click on the first day of the snail to be pushed for 4 days – to the next month.

The permanent difference with LANGEMATIK is the jujube mechanism because it has the wheel of “TENS” and “One”, but the basic principle remains unchanged. Fake Luxury Watches