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Early Richard Mille destroyed the world

Richard Mille brand is an easy-to-hate brand. Their design is very surprising, it is difficult to understand, just make one – and how to reasonably. However, those who have been after the past 19 years will recognize what it is. After Millennium Millennium, when the industry seriously tends to cherish its cherished history, Richard Mille has a name without a bloodline or store. On the contrary, he put forward a shameless modernity.

It is difficult to make any watch manufacturing. Trying to break into a century old industry, unwilling to change, and become a new child in the neighborhood, will definitely be difficult. To add this, Mille decided to follow his own road and do our best to engrave new watches; by using the space era material to place his watch on the player’s wrist, because he competes for “on the battlefield”. His bold method seems to have replied. In the 20th century, the industry was introduced into the RM 001 manual winding Gome, which developed cults and placed themselves in a different location.

Richard Mille is still a very young brand. It has almost no first step in the wider background of the watch world. However, it has tried to implement a considerable number of quantities in a short period of time. That’s why we think it is important to look at the beginning of things. From Eric Ku to Wei Koh, and THEODORE DIEHL, this is a brand’s first employee and official company spokesperson and the THEODORE DIEHL of one of Hororogras, and we check the technology, materials and components that help separate the Richard Mille watches from others. We also focus on the destructive attitude taken by the same man himself, and we have been very happy to throw our own six-bit clocks throughout the room to prove its firmness.

The company’s critical part and its success are also their collectors, and they have formed a compact knit community around these works. This group of passionate owners help push the brand to today. However, all this has returned to a person. Richard Mille. The current French is now guiding the brand through the second global financial collapse in the existence of more than ten years, but his enthusiasm and creative suddenly never moved. Here, we hope to see how it starts, it may figure out how dawn does it.

In 2001, the watch industry had never seen anything in swiss Richard Mille – what we mean is brand, RM 001 really shakes. However, this man I have been around for more than 30 years around the watch industry. Different companies have taken various management positions, and he is a person who understands the inner industry and market in the industry and the market.

However, Zhong Xue is not the first love of Mille. In fact, he waited for 50 years before starting his brand. Prior to this, he was mainly obsessed with the mechanic, and more specifically it was a motorcycle and aircraft. It is said that he is so obsessed with the sports car. He received his first one before he received the money in his first salary. This is a Renault Alps, in case you want to know. According to THEODORE DIEHL, one of the first employees of the brand and now its official spokesperson, Mille will read the Concorde manual as his sleep before going to bed, purely to learn the supersonic airplane how to fly. This is a deep passion of mechanical debut, driving MILLE in his career, constantly looking for how to promote the norms to achieve unprecedented.

Before starting your own brand, Miller was held at the clock and jewelry department for Paris, the Paris Jeweler Mauboussin. He launched his own brand watch line in the early 1990s to shape instead of Richard Mille. This design is more classic and elegant – an applicable French jeweler, but it is different from anything that Miller continues to create. popular swiss watch

After several years of Mauboussin’s watchdog, Mille has made new challenges for new challenges, which will enable him to incorporate his unpropted attitude into complete new things. In 1999, he founded Richard Mille. He is not like this. Just as Diehl tells us “He is following the classic Swiss tradition, thus thinking that he did a partnership. He did not hide them.” When the world opened the world, the scene was a depth of many brands.

Switzerland is traditionally depends on a group of experts in different fields, both those who create dial-up, and sports ├ębauches or the consistent screws together. From Switzerland Watches 400 years ago, all of these parts are manufactured by different companies and then provide brands that will be reworked, completed and assembled. Although Mille intends to adopt the most modern technology and materials, he still has established a traditional mentality of a watch through partnership.

One of these partnerships is the most prosperous and successful one is a complex sports manufacturer, swiss Audemars Piguet Renaud & PAPI (AprP). Like all great cooperation, it is based on respect, vision, and creative desires that are difficult to create. This is a relationship that utilizes APRP, using APRP to cultivate the relationship between Maohaus’s location in Mauboussin to help create some sports in jeweler watches. Now, using free design he wants, it seems undoubtedly a concern for pricing, he will work closely with APRP to make a move that has never been seen before.

Although Mille will be the first person to admit that he is not a watch producer – this is if he gives a set of tweezers and a screwdriver, he will not know where to start – he is a matter of understanding how to design a mechanical movement is unbelievable. The original sketch of his RM 001 is almost produced by APRP. Mille’s vision in his mind is obvious, he can perfectly translate it on the page, then drive engineering ideas in APRP, and manifest the idea as a physical watch. This is where Mille’s brilliant lie. Not in his ability to have a unique watch, but to ensure that they are made to their specifications and minimize details.

This is not the only partnership between the residents when his company begins. He founded a Richard Lili Group between two of them in two. It is composed of Horom├ętriesa, handled after-sales service, Guenat Sa Montres Valgine, which takes care of administrators, design and product development, Proart and VDMH, who focused on watching decoration and Paris, Cercle D’Art, Paris, is processing Using a variety of books that work and dedicated to brands. Although this group is now hired about 150 people, it is just dawn, empty, crocodile and Dembudus. With Mille, the remaining teams are set to discuss how to manufacture or sell these watches.

According to DIEHL, RM 001 should not be considered a standard production model. “We really only have 17 people, they are more proven than anything more than anything. Lack of functional instructions in the Movement of RM 002, they were sold to Richard friends and old customers, but They have never truly available public purchase. Use platinum and 5n red case and produce on the belt, this limited “pre-production” model is a statement of Mille’s statement. They encapsulated every detail on his philosophy, And the brand is destined to go. In 2001, Baselworld has brought enough attention in 2001 – some good, some bad – Incentive him to develop the 18th series of watches, which will become RM 002.