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Best Cartier fake watch

Compared to blue balloons, why do I fall in love with Cartier keys more

When it comes to the CLÉ DE CARTIER series, many friends find it unfamiliar. It does not have the high-profile publicity of the blue balloon, nor the glorious history of Santos, nor the classic style of tanks and London. As a series of Cartier watches with a low sense of existence, the scenery of the key is often easily overwhelmed. However, it is this watch that is not stunned, and with its many unique designs, there are still many remarkable points.

A more stable choice


Why do I prefer keys to blue balloons? Let me talk about my subjective feelings. As the master of Cartier watches, the Blue Balloon undoubtedly has a very high degree of recognition, but it is also the so-called “people are afraid of famous pigs and strong”. The blue balloon will inevitably become the first due to its high heat. The object of imitation is difficult to distinguish between true and false on the market for a while, and because of this it is very easy to collide with others. On the other hand, the blue balloon relies on the soft curves of the round case to make its overall style more feminine. Many watch friends spit on the “mother”, which is a bit embarrassing for male watch friends who like tough style. In contrast, the key series integrates the essence of Cartier on the dial. The simple and atmospheric dial integrates its own design style, which is a more low-key choice.

40 mm key (WSCL0018). Compared to 42mm blue balloon (WSBB0026). The craftsmanship and configuration of the key does not seem to have shrunk too much. It is also equipped with Tudor Cartier’s 1847MC self-produced movement, the same blue steel hands, similar Roman numeral dials and embedded jewel crowns. Compared with the blue balloon, the key after the public price adjustment is undoubtedly more cost-effective.

Classic and simple design

The dial of the key series adopts the traditional three-pin design, and the Roman numeral scale is polished with the central texture of the dial. It seems that there is not much remarkable place. But careful observation is not difficult to find that the key’s calendar is located at 6 o’clock, and the symmetrical layout brings a balance of visual perception. At the same time, the scale circle is placed on the outside of the dial, which refines the layout of the center area of ​​the dial, giving people a more concise and atmospheric texture. At the same time, the key adopts a flat sapphire crystal. The diameter of 40mm is stretched under the blessing of the abalone shell, so that the overall visual perception of the watch is not much different from the 42mm blue balloon, whether it is formal or casual wear. It can be controlled very well.

Comfortable and classic abalone shell

In terms of recognition, the classic “abalone shell” shape is unmatched. As a long-established case shape, the abalone shell is named after its flat, narrow and long case, which resembles abalone. It was widely popular as early as the 1960s. For example, the Omega Cosmic series was widely used. The Cartier key series adopts this design to add more retro and elegant charm to the watch. Compared with the traditional round case design, the curvature of the abalone case is more ergonomic. The shape of the case is made in one go, looking like a crescent shape from the side, with smooth and dynamic lines. The slightly curved case fits well with the shape of the wrist, so that the watch will not slide easily when worn, and it will not feel cut, making the overall comfortable to wear.

The key series seems to be an earlier model equipped with the 1847MC movement. In 2015, this movement replaced the original ETA movement and became one of the main movements of Cartier’s entry-level style. However, the blue balloon, Santos, Tank, London did not adopt the back through design, which also makes the key become one of the few models with back through in the fake Cartier entry series. Through the transparent back cover, we can see the style of this movement, the 1847MC movement adopts a 23-diamond design and has a 42-hour power reserve. The use of the self-produced movement also gets rid of the shackles of ETA movement interruption, and at the same time greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of the watch.

Finally, let’s talk about the distinctive square crown design of the key, which is also the origin of the series name “Key”. When the crown is pulled out, it is like the key of an antique lock with gems. The square design makes it feel good to hold. Compared with the traditional round crown, it is not easy to slip. The shape is smart and full of playability. Inlaid gemstones on the crown can be said to be one of the iconic features of Cartier watches. In order to fit the design style of the crown, this gemstone was also cut into a square shape and integrated with the crown.

In general, as one of the few “abalone shell” dress watches currently on sale, the Cartier key is undoubtedly a very distinctive discount swiss watches. The classic retro abalone shape and the playful crown are the unique shining points of the key series. Compared with the blue balloon, this key is more in my heart.