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Vacheron Constantin Copy watches

Vacheron Constantin

Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman: unique achievement

In the vast center of Vacherndin, the Les Cabinotiers attic artisan sector self-made, focusing on the private customization of the super-complex function, and creates a unique hour meter. The tradition of the attic craftsman is from the 18th century, in the top floor of Geneva City, the natural light is sufficient, and the experienced watchmaking master has created a watch masterpiece. These studios are called “cabinets”, these Master of the watchmaking is called “Cabinotiers”. They accept the new trend of enlightenment, drawn inspiration from the fields of astronomy, mechanical engineering and art, and use hands to build a delicate time. Their professional skills laid the great tradition of the Geneva table, and they flowed in the blood of the brand since the birth of the Emblem of the Emblem.

Classic, own “spin” machine

Vacheron Constantin has maintained extraordinary creativity with the times, and also continuously awakens the memories of the times and performs elegant connotation in the development and traceability. Over the years, every brand watchmaking master, art masters and designers have adhered to this spirit, respecting the tradition, and also courage to explore the new field. Jiang Shi Dethandon time is equipped with exquisite skills and style aesthetics. Time is circulated, and the charm has never faded. The eternal style is not only in compliance with traditional tomography, but also the bold innovative spirit that is exposed in the details of each work. Special display, eccentric instructions, chamfering, hand-decorated grinding and complex mechanical structures in each part, and exchanging exquisite skills. Crafts and style integrate, reach slight balance between traditional and innovation, highlighting the unique style full of personality.

Vacheron Constantin and astronomical table

Vacheron Constantin replica has a long and rich inheritance in the field of astronomical table. The brand file recorded the first multi-years launched in 1884. This is a golden material double-sided pocket watch, which has become a brand collection. With its advent, I opened the “epic” era of crossing precision machinery in the 19th, 20th century. In 1900, Jiang Shi Denton set up an independent workshop, specializing in assembly and making complex functional hours, and most of these expressions are equipped with astronomical functions. A large number of orders are influenced, requiring customs with complex functions, and even super-complex functions. Subsequently, Vacheron Constantin will combine the complex function of the millennium with other very technical challenges. For example, a pocket watch launched in 1905 is equipped with a three-question report, the double championship, the menscription and the moon and the agencies.

In 1929, it was a high-level custom pocket watch in King Fouad I), which was the masterpiece of this golden era. He collects timing function, long-term calendar, big self, small self-sound and third question Features. This complex and exquisite professional tape is then applied to the watch, and the example is the Tour de L’le watch that will be set to 16 items and astronomical complex functions. This time is introduced in 2005 to the 250th anniversary of the brand, the complex function of the starry sky is now one of the expertise of Jiang Shoden. Reference number 57260 with 57 complex functions also has a star empty map, and is equipped with stars and Hebrews. In 2017, Vacheron Constantin once again broke the innovation, launched 3600 movements, bobbin, and show when the sun and the stars, where star is displayed flexibly synchronized with the constellation. mens replica watch

Vacheron Constantin launched the Les Cabinotiers attic artisan three-needle first-line long-term “Moonlight” sapphire jewelry watch. The difference between this unique watch is in that the three-pin first line indication of the specification pointer is adopted. As early as the late 17th century, the standard pointer clock is used as a time reference for the watchmaking workshop due to the time when walking. This clock indicates a minute in a central pointer, and the hour is displayed at a small dial of 12 o’clock. The new watch is equipped with 2460 RQP automatic upper chain movement, equipped with a long-year-old function, can accurately reflect the complex changes in the calendar, no need to be adjusted before 2100. Week and Month window are listed in the hourly small dial, and the 4-point position of the hour small dial has a leap year display. The dial 6 is displayed, which is clearly indicated by a pointer, and the moon phase shows the center of the date display. Under the clever hand of the Master of Jiang Shoden, this jewelry watch is inlaid, and it is carefully embedded on the lap and exquisite mechanical carved dial.

Technical specifications
Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman three-needle first line of long-year-old “moonlight”
Sapphire Jewelry Watch
Model 4007C / 000G-B709
Movement 2460 RQP
Vacheron Constantin is developed and manufactured by themselves
Automatic upper chain mechanical movement
31 mm in diameter, 6.05 mm thickness
Power storage is about 40 hours
Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
237 parts
27 gems
Time metering certified by Geneva
Show features hours, minutes
Moon phase
Case 18K white gold, lap inlaid 44 long-step shaped cut diamonds (about 2.9 carat)
42 mm in diameter, 11.80 mm thickness
Dial silver adjustment paper, handmade engraved carved spiral pattern, inlaid 36 long stepped cut
Cut Diamond (0.6 Crang) and 10 Sapphire (0.2 carat)
18k white gold pointer
Table strap has crocodile skin lining dark blue Mississippi crocodile skin strap, manual sewing,
Riding craft, generous grit
Table buckle 18K white gold table buckle, inlaid 12 long-step cut diamonds (about 1.1 carat)
Display box Les Cabinotiers attic craftsman exclusive table
Unique hourgmetry
The bottom is covered with “Les Cabinotiers”,
“Pi├Ęce Unique” and “AC” words