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MB & F – LMX

MB & F fake (Maximilianbüsser and friends) began to create non-traditional hours in 2005, and their watch machines seem to come from imagination. 10 years ago, in 2011, the Swiss brand added the second episode called a legacy machine. In this case, the inspiration comes from the imaginary past, trying to figure out that MB & F will create a century ago.

In 2021, MB & F celebrated the 10-year legacy machine, and the new LMX is a creation of inspiration from the legacy machine N ° 1 and its central flight balance wheel and two dials.

Under the circle of Rana Crystal Crystal, we found two stretched white paints, each lacquerware had its own display time and minutes. The dial on the right is set by the crown of 2 o’clock. Carved with MB & F Tomahawk, this crown is also moving. Another crown of 10 o’clock is engraved with the world to remind to use it to indicate the second time zone and set the left dialing.

Two dials are tilted at a certain angle, which is a feature that requires complex technical solutions to transfer energy from horizontal to vertical plane to the vertical plane.

There are three large wheels visible: placed next to each winding crown, when the set time is displayed on the corresponding time, the two large wheels are arranged in motion, and the gear of the 6 o’clock is ordinary seconds.

Slowly hit 18,000 vibrations per hour, 13.4 mm balance wheel, the inertial stop marks the deviation of the traditional thread balance, providing higher accuracy in adjusting it. popular swiss watch

Decorating a significant seven-day (168-hour) power reserves via the 3D display, you can choose to select the two countdown residual autonomy. The two markers are located on the opposite side of the hemisphere; a frame number from the arched scale frame is from 1 to 7, and the other frame shows the days in the week.

The entire power reserve display can be rotated so that a preferred indication type can be selected.

LMX is symmetrical in both sides, mobile or “engine” as MB & F is called MB & F. The transparent sapphire crystal case returns to reveal the three barrels to be placed around the center and fully evigoct through the Sunray pattern of Côtesdegenève.

MB & F LMX has a diameter of 44 mm, MB & F LMX has two limited emission: 5-level titanium, with green CVD treatment, red gold on the plate and bridge, and black NAC treatment in the plate.