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Bell and Ross-BR 05 Chronograph

Bell & Ross (Bell&Ross replica ) introduced a chronograph that, like a three-hand watch, combines round and square lines into one.

The unique 42mm case of the new BR 05 chronograph is made of stainless steel, with a satin-finished surface and a polished bevel. The pusher, crown guard and screw-in crown are all integrated in the case.

The black or blue sun dial is characterized by two snail-shaped counters (a minute hand chronograph at 9 o’clock and a small second hand at 3 o’clock), whose shape is between a circle and a square.

The hollow hour and minute hands, as well as the applied numbers and indexes are filled with Super-LumiNova, which can improve clarity even in low light conditions.

The self-winding BR-CAL.301 movement is based on the Swiss-made ETA 2894-2, which is visible through the sapphire crystal transparent caseback. It beats at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and has 41 hours of autonomy. perfect Fake Watches

The stainless steel strap is seamlessly integrated with the case and is designed with the best fixed angle to ensure wrist comfort. The BR 05 chronograph is also equipped with a blue or black rubber strap, which can be used as a fashionable alternative.

Bell & Ross BR 05 BLACK STEEL & GOLD BR05A-BL-STPG/SRB Replica Watch

Brand Bell & Ross



Movement Automatic

Case rose gold,stainless steel

Diameter 40 mm

Gender Men

Bracelet rubber

Watch Clasp folding. Satin-polished steel

Glass Sapphire Crystal

Dial Color black

FUNCTIONS hours, minutes, seconds and date

Water resistant 100 m

Year 2020

Still there? Thank you for your participation. Unlike the case and bracelet, the dial is very simple, maybe too much. The dial is available in black, blue or silver (plus a slightly separate skeleton model). The dial adopts elements from its iconic scheme and has undergone an overhaul in the 70s. In this way, you will find a sunny surface with a shiny mark. The numbers are twelve, six and nine, with small batons, while the other alarm bells are marked with larger batons, but three hours have been replaced by the date window. The batons and numbers are reminiscent of other B&R (B&R) models, but they look fatter and rounded up, similar to the rounded square elements of the case. The design successfully stored enough light to make the watch shine well.

Regarding the B&R design, one of the details I want to enjoy is the offset date between the four and five marks with the correct date angle. I found this to be one of the better ways to place the date window on the watch because it will not disturb any markings or other elements, and it can still be read naturally. Although B&R is not the only brand that does this (see Sinn 556A), their frequency seems to make me dare to call it an iconic element, like those corner screws. This is a kind of round-back argument. I was disappointed to find that BR 05 lacks a watch because it has an original style. Admittedly, the dial is small and a bit cramped, but I’m sure they will find a way. The lack of three numbers is also unfortunate.

Otherwise, you will find that only the complete Bell & Ross logo is printed below 12 o’clock, and automatically printed above 6 o’clock. When leaving, these hands are straight sticks with completely round tips and red dots. And, yes, they are basically what you find on 5711. This is not to say that they do not work here, they do work, corresponding to the batons used, but in this case, it is difficult to ignore the elephant in the Patek Philippe room.

I am a bit conflicted again. In this case, this dial will look a little basic and even a little cheaper. This is not improper execution, or abnormal execution. The rendering of the dial makes it look unreal, and the layout is too safe to wow. If they add a more dramatic dial texture, then they are likely to cross the RO and Nautilus territory again. Therefore, they are absolutely in trouble. In other words, this is not the dial I want to find in a watch worth $4,900. Take a look at the frame version. Although I don’t like so many cutouts, you will find that the applied mark passes through the chapter ring in an interesting way. This is a cool element, plus some other colors and processing methods, may become more original. This dial may also be a great opportunity for microsecond complications, the movement allows, and the brand used more in its WWI and BR 123 series in the past.

Inside the BR 05 is BR-CAL.321, which is a relabeled Sellita SW-300 manufactured according to B&R specifications. In this way, SW-300 is actually a clone of ETA 2892-2. So, in terms of specifications, you are looking for a 25-jewel automatic movement with automatic winding, manual winding, date, 42 hours power reserve and 28,800 beats/hour frequency. What distinguishes it from other SW-300 is the decoration. B&R (B&R) chose a completely frosted movement to give it a dark gray tone. This undoubtedly reverses the trend that the “better” movement has to be popular and inherit the style of Geneva. In addition, fundamentally speaking, the rotor is a complete circular grid covering the entire movement process. Since the display window is quite narrow, you cannot see its edges. The result seems to be a very customized movement, even if it ends up being an aesthetic overhaul.

So far, I have been critical of BR 05. To be fair, the overall design looks good, all elements are integrated, but looking at it separately, you will find its originality and some suspicious points/tame dialing decisions. However, on the wrist, since the watch is a pleasure to wear on the watch, many things will not come out of the window. If you have read my review for many years, you will know that I am not a bracelet person, so you will think that BR 05 and other integrated bracelet watches will be a nightmare for me. I also have half expectations. But after two weeks of wearing the watch at home, workplace, restaurant, bar, grocery store and other places, my rather mundane routine brought me to me, I really like wearing it on my wrist (please note that the test took place at the moment Before the event).

This size fits my 7-inch wrist very well. The square posture is very good. It always looks centered on my arm. It is comfortable even in multi-layer winter clothes. The way squares are worn is also quite different, because their diameter/width and length can be smaller than round watches, but they feel larger due to the added material from the corner to the corner. This phenomenon makes BR 05 no extra size. Unlike most bracelet watches, I rarely get tired from wearing them or needing to take them off. The only time I felt uncomfortable was a meal when the base swelled and made it a bit tight. This makes me wish to have some micro adjustments or spring-based extensions built in, but unfortunately, this is rare.

Then, from the appearance, I learned two things. First, everyone has a square or at least a non-circular watch in their life. Looking down, the right angles on the wrist are refreshing. Thanks to its shape and hard facets, BR 05 has an industrial quality, which is not in the photos. This makes it harder than indicated by the rounded bezel. In the monochrome configuration seen here, the watch appears to be milled from a piece of metal at first glance, adding a seductive masculinity. In addition, it is completely neutral in tone, so you can use it with anything.

Secondly, I might underestimate everything too much. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s best to exercise general restraint and humility when watching a watch, but being a little bit small doesn’t kill me. In fact, that kind of exaggerated look at my luxury attitude is kind of fun. It is not on top like a frozen Rolex or any other pure gold, but it is at least not ostentatious. As a way to extend your toes into the area, BR 05 provides a relaxing way to relax.

What I haven’t talked about is that BR 05 is novel in the Bell & Ross classification. If you hover the mouse over their “favorite” menu drop-down menu, you will find that they divide the watch into pilots, divers, racing cars, and-stagnant-city. Not “luxury sports” or “retro in the 70s” or “yacht life”, this seems to be very suitable for long-distance design. Being defined as “urban, city-related, characteristic, or city that constitutes a city” is not a category of watches that people usually find, especially when it is tied to other cities. However, I think it is appropriate. I am a person born in a city, and my demand for watches depends largely on this. I am neither airborne spontaneously nor underwater, nor am I driving at 160 miles per hour on a runway somewhere. I walked on the gray sidewalk and found myself in various places in the city.

Considering the way we actually live and that any watch is generally suitable for daily activities, the classification of watches is usually out of date and therefore unnecessary, but “city” is a general term for watches that are not specific to activities, and it does not seem to be far away. This watch blends perfectly with my urban life and is comfortable and stylish to wear. Think I am very interested.

As for BR 05 itself, then, if this review has a theme, at least for me, it is an internal conflict. Well done? Ok. Do I like to wear it? absolute. Is it derived? Yes. Is it value for money?