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Save time: Audemars Piguet x MARVEL, De Bethune, Richard Mille’s “Snow Setting” and Maurice Lacroix’s ELIROS

Audemars Piguet’s new collaboration and De Bethune’s new meteorite dial, Richard Mille’s dazzling snow diamonds, and Maurice Lacroix’s Eliros Are all affected by outer space.

Audemars Piguet x MARVEL
Audemars Piguet has chosen to collaborate with one of Hollywood’s hottest filmmakers-Marvel. Last week, watchmakers from Le Brassus mocked their new superhero concept. Will the brand’s upcoming version be on another level, or should it be said to be the stratosphere?

While Audemars Piguet has been working with real-life heroes Serena Williams and LeBron James, these new heroes come from the super successful Marvel Universe. “I originally imagined working with Marvel 15 years ago, but our current cooperation is due to an unexpected conversation with Don Cheadle. Don Cheadle is a long-term friend, Don Cheadle is a long-term friend. In 2017, Marvel arranged an arrangement on the spot. Meeting,” AP CEO François-Henry Bennahmias said: “This shows that the most encouraging collaborative adventures stem from meaningful human interaction and a strong will to never give up!”

Indeed, Marvel’s “Superhero” will never give up, and we will never give up waiting for the emergence of a new series. Will be here soon! As the brand said in the press release: “The collaboration with Marvel will take Audemars Piguet’s celebration of inspiring superheroes to a new level and is expected to bring many exciting surprises… About to start!”

Richard Mille’s snow scene
It is hard to imagine Switzerland, but not the scene of the snow-covered Alps. Richard Mille now refers to the gem setting style as a snowy background and brings it to the new timepiece. The snowfall environment arranges gems of different sizes into irregular, random patterns, very close to each other. Just as every snowflake is unique, every snowflake mosaic table is different. The brand said in a statement: “Due to the seemingly random arrangement of gems, the snow scene has a unique creativity.” “Like the random flash of snowflakes in the sun, this technology has amazing effects and natural brilliance. .”

The new product incorporates the snowfall function not only on the case but also on the dial, strap support and open chain bracelet. The diamonds set in white gold seem to cover the entire surface of the watch like snow.

The new ELIROS collection by Maurice Lacroix
Maurice Lacroix is ​​not afraid of a little color. Eliros, a series that usually has many colors, has its 25th anniversary this year. And because this year is so special for Eliros, the brand has launched four “bold and shiny new models.”

The new Eliros Date 40mm-25th Anniversary has a painted dial-one version is blue, the other is white. Although they are not exactly twins, the blue and silver dials subtly refer to each other. On the silver dial, the hands are blue; on the blue dial, the hands are silver. In addition, six slender blue Arabic numerals alternate with silver-toned hour markers. Both watches can be paired with a blue leather strap or bracelet, and can be used interchangeably, and each is engraved with the words “25th Anniversary Edition” on the back of the watch.

Maurice Lacroix (Maurice Lacroix) launched a second pair of watches with one of its most talented designers. Adeline Ziliox is known for her high fashion creations, and in these new versions, she chose pink and blue. Ziliox said that the pink dial version is to celebrate femininity. “I want the pink version to be super feminine. I used pink shades and used materials with embossed effect, depth and character.” In the black dial version, Ziliox uses a lot of textures and incorporates Clous de Paris. The light reflected by the miniature pyramid-shaped “nails” contrasts sharply with the dial. Both watches also have interchangeable straps.

De Bethune’s new DB28XP meteorite
De Bethune is bringing outer space to the wrists near you (if you are lucky enough, because they only made ten). The brand makes full use of the essence of space in the form of a new Meteorite dial watch-DB28XP Meteorite.

This is not the first time the brand has combined a meteorite dial. However, this particular meteorite “may be the oldest meteorite in the world known so far.” “The first fragment was discovered in Sweden in 1906. It is mainly composed of iron and nickel, and its perfect geometric lines make it The distinctive “Widmanstätten” pattern with 60° diagonal shading.”

De Bethune temperature-treated the rare meteorite during the thermal oxidation process, resulting in the intense blue color of the meteorite, while its natural form remains unchanged. The middle of the DB28XP Meteorite case is made of black zirconium, which is both light and strong. Of course, this watch is made of all De Bethune’s signature proprietary technology (including the De Bethune balance wheel). The manually-wound watch measures 43mm wide and is equipped with a crocodile leather strap lined with crocodile leather. Price replica watches