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Richard Mille RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne

The highest quality of Richard Mille cheap watches is that its architecture and materials are equal. Naturally, the design is able to resist extreme conditions, without using ingredients you created to handle penalties.

In terms of capitalized engineering materials – especially in the field of aviation and formulas – and testing their potential applications in watch motion or their housing, Richard Mill is accurately, light and reliability closely bind the materials used. Watch.

The new RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne is completely loyal to this paradise and learned from the influence of aviation.

Tough toughness
With 21-01, Richard Reller demonstrated a new case design. The complex structure of the housing in 5n red gold is enhanced in carbon TPT®, used for baffles and columns. This Aurora and Durable composite material is fabricated by stacking hundreds of carbon fibers because the automation process of rotating 45 ° between each layer is then processed to the closest micrometer before heating to 120 °. Just like armor, these enhancers fully protect this situation and securely securely securely securely in place with 20 spline screws. The eye-catching appearance of the carbon TPT® layer is perfectly supplemented with the flash of the golden and royal blue honeycomb mold.

A convenient instrument
Carbon TPT® is found in the core area of ​​the bottom plate, this time with the corrective honeycomb structure of the concept of the air itself, and is made with blue PVD, first is the brand. The nickel-aluminum-aluminum alloy is mainly used in thermal environments over 955 °. Optimal anti-high temperature oxidation resistance makes the material – this still can still be molded and assembled and assembled in the combustion chamber by conventional methods. Therefore, the bottom plate of RM 21-01 provides unparalleled stiffness, additional low thermal expansion coefficients and special torque torque, all necessary prerequisites are the necessary prerequisites of Richard dawn Review copy watches.

For bridges, Richard Mille’s sports team selected 5-stage titanium, which is biocompatible titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloy used in aerospace industry to ensure higher rigidity and excellent corrosion resistance. The barrel and the gyro bridge are composed of a hollow circular circular round base, sitting in a central crucible of the sector, which is used to lend their mechanical properties ideally suitable for rotation of these movable components while allowing the beautiful sparkling of the gyro. This diameter completes PVD processing in 5n red to enhance the contrast generated and characteristics of this smooth mechanism.

Mechanical subtle
The sapphire glass dial provides a perfect transparent window in the manual winding caliber RM21-01. The power reserve indicator is placed at an end of 11 o’clock, and the torque indicator occupies a 1 o’clock position. The latter makes it possible to understand the tension of the barrel to optimize the functionality of the movement. Sit down at 4 o’clock, integrated into the center of the crown by integrated push-operated function selector, carbon TPT® and 5n red gold made of circular rubber, with white rubber bracelet in the same material. Simple pressure is sufficient to switch from the neutral (N) position to the winding (W) to manual setting (H).

From a completely detailed manual movement, including ambiguous, polished, polished, and chamfering components, using innovative and technical materials and the integration of gourges, the new RM 21-01 Touring Wheel AERODYNE explores new vision.