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The sweetness of Richard Mille’s candy watch collection

Richard Mille (fake richard mille) is known for making bold and unexpected statements. It is not surprising that the brand has aroused expectations at this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). . Established in 1999, based on technological innovation, artistic expertise and watchmaking background, a brand favored by collectors launched the bonbon series, which is a new sweet and juicy series of 10 watches.

Richard Mille’s bonbon series is a rebellious acidic bright color system that brings the watch into a new realm of graphic, emotional and color expression. These watches are composed of 10 models, and each model produces 30 pieces. These expressions express the sweetness and freshness of watchmaking. The series features sweets, pastries and fruits, and reviews the brand’s three iconic styles-RM 07-03, RM 16-01 and RM 37-01- to provide you with a ticket back to your childhood.

Richard Mille’s candy series has a deep understanding of ceramic coloring, and is good at changing materials such as carbon TPTĀ® and quartz TPT, and is manufactured using the brand’s excellent technical standards. These works use colored gemstones and carefully adjusted eye details to provide rich shadows and textures. Finally, for example, the crown and some straps adopt special shapes, such as cupcakes or ice cream.

“Applying the science of materials and textures to the field of confectionery, Richard Mille set out to develop many delicious and powerful evocative works. Whether it is desserts or fruits, each table in the candy series Both are mouth-watering and are expected to bring you moments of horological ecstasy.’

Since its establishment in 2001, the Swiss luxury watch brand Richard Mille has taken a long way to become a house recognized by high-end watch lovers! The Richard Mille fake watch features an iconic ergonomic barrel case, which cannot be ignored.

In the past 20 years, more than 80 ultra-limited products have appeared, and the prices of men’s and women’s watches are above 100,000 Euros. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) brand uses innovative materials, in 2001 launched the first tourbillon RM 001 tourbillon watch, and with its Nadal (Nadal), skull, sapphire (Saphir), diamond (Diamant) , Felipe Massa (Felipe Massa) watch, Kongo (Kongo), MacLaren (MacLaren) or Farrell (Pharell) stand out. Williams.

Today, we provide you with an overview of some of the most spectacular Richard Mille watches. This is a great visit to the ultra-luxury watchmaking center. nadal watch price