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Patek Philippe New 2021 watches

In the past few days, various brands are releasing new models for 2021, and Patek Philippe is no exception. One of the most popular is the green version of Nautilus Ref.5711, which was only produced for one year. Although everyone is paying attention, we have not introduced much. The first is that there is nothing new and no major changes; the second is that the price increase is crazy; the third is too expensive to afford.

I thought that Patek Philippe was like this this year. As a result, just 30 minutes ago, the brand updated the second batch of new products globally. It can be said that it has produced two ruthless products that are very important to watch friends.

The first is Ref. 6119, which is divided into two versions: 18K white gold with carbon black surface and 18K rose gold with white surface.

39mm case, Paris nail decoration outer ring, small three-pin layout.

This time, Patek Philippe has lost money. The newly developed dual-winding manual-winding mechanical movement Cal.30-255 PS has a power reserve of 65 hours.

This Ref.6119 is the successor model of the Ref.5119 that was released in 2006. Maybe some watch friends don’t like this Paris nail outer ring very much. It feels too gorgeous. But what is certain is that the follow-up movement will definitely be used to update Ref.5196, which is worth looking forward to.

The first is Ref. 5236, this time only the blue version of the Pt950 platinum case, 41 mm.

The great thing about this aaa replica watches lies in its perpetual calendar display, which is not a common pointer type, but a digital window, and the week, calendar, and month are on the same horizontal line.

Patek Philippe introduced such pocket watches Ref.699/2 and Ref.844 in the last century, which are very rare. Because this type of perpetual calendar pocket watch was made for the American market at that time, it was named “à l’américaine”. In addition, the appearance is straight, so it is also called “linear perpetual calendar”, which is commonly called “Yixiantian” in Chinese.

This kind of calendar design with a thin line of sky is rare now, and the perpetual calendar version is even rarer. That’s because the mechanical components of the perpetual calendar are very complicated and take up a lot of space. This kind of front-line sky also needs to concentrate the calendar components in the upper right corner, wasting space in the lower left corner. The watch movement is inherently small, so it is too difficult and difficult to do so.

The brands that have launched first-line watches before, in my memory are Greubel Forsey and De Bethune, but the design is eccentric, and Bethune is not a perpetual calendar.

This time, Patek Philippe launched a more regular layout of the front-line perpetual calendar watch. At the same time, it also made the calendar display into a large calendar, divided into tens and single digits, which can be said to be the only one on the market.

When it comes to Patek Philippe’s Pearl Tuo, it is easy to think of the Cal.240 movement. This movement was launched in 1977, at the time of the quartz crisis, and the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry was hit hard. Patek Philippe then developed this ultra-thin self-winding mechanical basic movement. Its biggest advantage is that the thickness is only 2.53 mm. Even after superimposing complex modules, the entire watch can be light and thin to ensure wearing comfort.

At the beginning of the design, the main pursuit was thin and light + stackable modules, so the second hand was too little considered for the Cal.240 movement. So there will be two situations in the watch using Cal.240, the first is that there is no second hand, and the second is that the second hand appears at the 4 or 5 o’clock position of the dial, which is very ugly. The Ref.5015 and Ref.5055 were so ugly that people cry, until Ref.3712 relied on the irregular shell shape to get back a little bit.

And this one-line perpetual calendar Ref.5236 is equipped with the latest Ref.260 series movement. Compared with the Cal.240, the most essential change is that the position of the second hand has been diverted to the 6 o’clock position. This layout can realize many classic antique watch styles including Patek Philippe, which is very important.

In addition to innovation, this one-line perpetual calendar Ref.5236 has a heritage. Its case follows the shell shape of the first self-winding perpetual calendar Ref.3448 produced by Patek Philippe in 1962. It is simple, capable, sharp, and full of lines.

After watching the new products of these two days, I feel that the watch is king. On the one hand, Nautilus was so popular that it deliberately announced the launch of a Nautilus Ref. 5711 green noodle that was only produced for one year. On the other hand, it did not forget its own watchmaking business and released a perpetual calendar.