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Cheap Patek Philippe watches

Long-distance taste and heirloom: Ref.5496

Like Ref.5159, Ref.5496 Flyback Date Perpetual Calendar is equipped with 324 S QR automatic winding movement. In terms of appearance, Ref.5496 also emphasizes retro classic style like Ref.5159. The round case with a diameter of 39.5 mm is based on the Calatrava style of Ref.96, a classic created by Patek Philippe in the 1930s. It is round and simple, with no extra decorations at all, echoing Bauhaus’s “random performance” of the year. Style. The central hour, minute, and second hands displayed by the toffee hands, with the moon phase dial at 6 o’clock, the day of the week, leap year and month small windows at 9-12-3 o’clock, and the retrograde curved date in the center of the dial The display is clear and concise, and it is indeed the first choice for connoisseurs in the perpetual calendar.

5496P-001 perpetual calendar watch, platinum case, diameter 39.5 mm, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar performance (flyback date hand, window-type day of the week, month and leap year display), moon phase display, 324 S QR automatically Chain movement, power storage for 45 hours, 18K platinum back cover and sapphire crystal glass back cover can be replaced, alligator leather strap.

The Western calendar commonly used in modern society today, the Gregorian calendar, is based on the astronomical basis that the earth takes 365.2422 solar days to circle the sun. This calendar is characterized by long and short months. Moreover, July, August, December, and January are two consecutive long months; except February, which is particularly short, there is a leap every four years, and February changes from 28th to 29th. Finally, the modern calendar stipulates that The year that is evenly divided is called a leap year, but a multiple of 100 is not a leap year with exception.

Because of the irregularities of the modern calendar, it is actually very difficult to create a so-called “perpetual calendar” watch that can correctly calculate and display the hours, minutes, years, days, and years without adjustment. Therefore, according to Patek Philippe’s current watch classification, perpetual calendar watches are classified as “super-complexity”, juxtaposed with split-second chronographs, minute repeaters, minute repeater tourbillons and other major complex performance watches.

In addition to the perpetual calendar display, Patek Philippe’s 324 S QR self-winding movement also has an additional complex performance of the flyback date hand display. The date hand moves along an arc of 270 degrees, and when the last day of a month is close to midnight, the hand will jump back to the display position of the number “1”. At the moment when it automatically returns to the position, the pointer will leave the gear set and quickly and accurately lock to the “1” position to prevent it from accidentally jumping above the number one or two days before or after the display. In the movement code, S stands for the third hand, Q stands for the perpetual calendar, and R stands for the automatic flyback pointer date display.