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Rolex predicts 2021-our hope for the return of Rolex “Kelly”

We want a more complex and elegant chronograph!

Dear Mr. Dufour…how did I start my last prediction for cheap Rolex in 2021. Especially because it is not a real forecast like other forecasts-many of them have become reality in the past few years. No, this is a wishful thinking, a hope for something complicated and elegant (such as “Kelly”), a hope. So, here we begin… Dear Mr. Dufour, is it possible to recreate with the so-called “Datuk Kompaks” of the so-called “Jean Claude Kiri Chronograph”?

Although Rolex is regarded as the epitome of “luxury” in terms of watches, the brand has a solid utilitarian DNA. Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) founded more than a century ago to create a very precise, reliable and sturdy timepieces. Whether you want to climb Mount Everest (Explorer) or swim in the English Channel (Oyster case), Rolex has a watch for you. Whether you are a pilot and need a second time zone (GMT-Master), or an engineer (Milgauss) working in a laboratory with a strong magnetic field, or a professional diver, you don’t want to see the glass rising from the watch ( Sea-Dweller), a racer who has to measure the lap time (Daytona), Rolex provides the service for you.

Rolex invented the self-winding rotor as we know it today, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is the degree to which all automatic watches today need to be “charged.” At least it can be said to be a very practical invention.

Maybe we are not always aware of how the watch industry was different before the quartz crisis. Most watches are timing tools for daily use. Reliable everyday instrument. Therefore, Rolex’s Dato-Compax, often referred to as “Chili”, may be a rare bird in the Rolex collection. Indeed, Killy has a chronograph and triple calendar.

Rolex was first introduced in 1947, numbered 4767, and was the first waterproof watch with a chronograph and triple calendar. The Oyster Dato-Compax model has four reference numbers 4767, 5036, 6036 and 6236, but there is no reference in the Oyster case, and collectors also call it “Killy”: reference number 4768. Oyster Dato-Compax watches are made of yellow gold, rose gold and stainless steel. These four/five references are often called “Jean Claude Killy”, named after the French Olympic Games and World Cup ski champions.

Curiously, although the watch was nicknamed by Mr. Jean-Claude Killy, he wore Day-Date and Explorer II in Rolex advertisements and promotions. There is almost no photographic evidence that he ever wore the oyster Dato Khampaques.

In the office, we have always been loyal supporters of the brand, and we celebrate the history of Rolex. Unlike some people who like swiss Rolex, we suddenly call it a spider web dial without damage to the dial. A broken dial is a broken dial. We praise the diversity of models, the commendable design consistency and the ability to stay true to the brand’s original functions… and we like Killy…

Now, Mr. Dufour, is it possible to adopt a modern Daytona, keep its automatic movement, peel off the ceramic bezel, remove the crown guard, and replace the screw-in push rod with an old-fashioned pump push rod. as basic? It can also add a calendar function. Like Killy, there are two holes in the date and month, and the fourth centrally mounted pointer indicates the date? How good is that? We thought we would like it, so we were a little confused about Photoshop, and then guessed what…We really like it!

I can imagine more treasures that have emerged from the past, for example, the annual limited edition. Don’t add these to the regular collection, but just to celebrate the brand and its long history. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one willing to reissue the Submariner or Daytona Chronograph.

Since Rolex is fairly consistent in design, it is not difficult to create a modernized version of the aforementioned model. But back to the very cool Keely we imagined in these models. One refined gold and the other refined stainless steel, paired with a frosted oyster bracelet with a polished center link. For the hands, we choose regular batons. Of course, the proven Daytona conventional movement 4130 is printed inside the movement. Maybe at the top is the calendar module, although we realize this is a profanity by Rolex. But for a limited edition, it can work…? Can everyone in our team place an order? Thank you, Mr. Dufour. replica swiss watches online