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Best SevenFriday Watch

Best SevenFriday Watch

SevenFriday watches usually do not have conversations between watch enthusiasts. In fact, not many people know the existence of the brand. However, if you are looking for unique original watches, then SevenFriday should be your best choice. Let us find below all the uses of SevenFriday watches.

What is SevenFriday?
At first glance, its catalog will tell you one thing: SevenFriday watches do not match the status quo. Even its name implies that these clocks are perfect for those leisure time on Fridays, without you having to follow any office dress code. Indeed, SevenFriday swiss watches are something we have never seen before.

Although each model is unique, all SevenFriday watches have one thing in common-they are inspired by industrial design. This is why these watches are more suitable for casual or sturdy equipment.

In terms of performance, you can say that this brand is a perfect fusion of Swiss and Japanese watchmaking expertise. Although the company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, you cannot say that it is made in Switzerland because they use Japanese movements.

Who should wear SevenFriday watches?
Perhaps the better question is, who shouldn’t wear a SevenFriday watch? The answer is minimalists, they hope that the only purpose of the clock is a simple watch. SevenFriday watches are the opposite of minimalism. In fact, there are countless words to describe these models, but the word “simple” is definitely not one of them.

Indeed, this brand is very suitable for replica men watch lovers who like unique designs. It is undeniable that SevenFriday watches are not as popular as watches from well-known brands such as Rolex or even Hamilton. But depending on how you watch, these watches can definitely give the wearer a unique feeling.

The best SevenFriday watches to check out
The significance of unique watches such as SevenFriday is that they are designed for specific audiences. Moreover, since the brand has a range of different models, it is difficult to find the perfect model that suits your taste. To help you make a decision, here are some recommended SevenFriday watches for different personalities.

SevenFriday Q series Q2/03

Q2/03 Specifications:

Case material: stainless steel
Case size: 44.3 mm
Movement: Automatic
Power reserve: 40 hours
Water resistance: 30m

Why is it good?

SevenFriday watches belonging to the Q series have an industrial theme design. This is the reason why Seven Friday Q2/03 models use copper, black and gray colors, as these colors are usually seen in the cockpit of a locomotive. In fact, Q2/03 is sometimes called a “Choo-Choo” watch, which comes from the sound of a train.

In addition to the color scheme, the design of the watch itself makes it look like an integral part of the engine. On the left is a scattered disc, which shows a 12-hour tracker with AM/PM indicator. In addition, the minute and hour hands have a steampunk-like sandblasted metal texture. Another feature that needs attention is the NFC chip, which can be connected to the SevenFriday mobile app. In this way, you can verify the authenticity of the watch and even register your own collection.

Under the hood of Choo-Choo is the Miyota 8219 movement. This is a self-winding movement with a frequency of 21,600 vph and a power reserve of up to 40 hours. In addition, its waterproof rating is 30m, which means it can withstand splashes, but it is not recommended to swim or dive with it.

In order to complete the design of the rails, the watch is equipped with a waxed leather strap. The belt has a worn feeling, the longer the use time, the more obvious the patina. All in all, Q2/03 is a very unique fashion men watch that will attract the attention of those engaged in steampunk design.