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Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Quartz-TPT Watch

Richard Mille is usually rich in color, always high technology content and very expensive, this new Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Quartz-TPT shocked us again . Richard Mille chose the French Tennis Open, to announce the Rafael Nadal Series of Rafael Nadal, one of the most famous and representative watch series for tennis champions. And the latest works made by the brand ambassador. In addition to the color of colorful colors and exotic case materials, this model is also known as the first automatic watch in this series.

Due to the name of “Quartz” in the name, it may be necessary to pay attention to this is a mechanical table, in case you have never heard of Richard Mille, and despite the image of the motion of the motion. Confused, . Quartz refers to the material of the case, which is not the mineral to enter the Richard Mille case – for example, see this bright red RM 011 watch. This material is produced by a company named NTPT (Northern Thin Level Technology), and then the case in Richard Mille’s Proart factory, we have visited the factory here. Almost all the cases of the brand, as well as some bottom plates, bridges, and other components. You can see the white highlight layers on the case, which is unsubstated quartz, and red is also achieved by NTPT development. Richard Mille claimed that this material “can withstand the acceleration of up to 5,000 grams”. Please note that although they do make all prototypes have passed many impact and drop tests, you may not want to test 4,999g Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Quartz-TPT.

The RMAL1 movement can be seen from the dial side, and for this series, this is also seen in the face of the blue stone crystal glass surface of the anti-reflection process. I personally want Richard-Mille-Money. From all aspects, you can enjoy the RMAL1 movement. Its 5-level titanium alloy bottom plate and bridge have been wet sand-shaped, and after PVD / TITALT Treatment, and – just like Nadal before the upcoming game – “Talking to ensure the highest rigid and impeccable smooth surface.”

The brake can be seen by the bottom cover to obtain a rotor of the patented variable geometric shape, and the upper chain efficiency can be (adjusted by the master) to accommodate the general activity level of the user. For Nadal, it is very likely to be in the most conservative environment for minimal entanglement. With about 55 hours of power reserve, variable inertia (there are many “variables” …) balances operate at 4 Hz frequencies, and the double-proof box system is intended to improve torque stability and improve long-term performance. The anti-counterfeiting material of Richard Mille did not specify any specific accuracy statement.

Richard Mille (all?) The Sale swiss watch seems to be made of lightweight exotic materials; the design of sports; and the non-economic constraint, Raphael Nadal (Rafael) Nadal) The series most significantly reflects these features. Since the introduction of the first Rafael Nadal series of watch RM 027 since 2010, it is clear that the needs of the professional tennis player in the game (even if the lightweight G-Shock may also tell the time instead of time) break, but this is neither mechanical It is not cool) – Rafael Nadal did wear these watches during the game (see the link above) … Yes, he did break some of these early RM 027, and then make durable Watch. .

Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) quarter-TPT watches provide unconventional time daily, three finger timing, light wrist, reasonable size, size is 49.94 x 44.50 x 13.15mm. The addition of automatic upper chain is a convenient convenience.

Richard Mille RM 35-02 Obviously there is NTPT carbon fiber version, very similar to RM 35-01 (in this manipotive operation). The red case with bright white highlights and yellow straps, I can’t help but think of a clown that likes hamburgers, like color matching clothing – Ronald McDonald limited edition, someone?