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Hublot fake and Richard Orlinski work together to launch six white pockets

Hublot is the king of unlaborative cooperation, the most successful part is to cooperate with French visual new popular singer and sculptor Richard Orlinski. His pioneering is perfectly combining the DNA of the Yubiki, which has been proved to many great watches. From Sapphire Classic Fusion Touro Power Storage 5 days to bold red ceramic classic fusion Aero hollow timeline table, orlinski style can always be identified immediately, and powerful Hublot-DNA remains complete. The same is true for time-only classic fusion, six new models are added to the collection.

In these new products, white is focused because the dials and straps are made of this color. The dial is also eye-catching because they are more planarized by orlinski. In the wrist, this means that light and shadows will continue to move. This is not only fascinated, and as it constantly changes, it will naturally lead to the attention of people. The Hublot logo is printed inside the sapphire crystal, further expands the depth of the watch. In order not to be amazing on the dial, the Hublot chose to match the watch with a white rubber strap.

Hublot Big Bang Click Steel White Diamond 33mm 485.SE.2010.RW.1204 Replica Watch

Classic integration Orlinski White has six different varieties. Three of these precious metal alloy King Gold made by Hublot, and its color is warm than ordinary red gold. The other three from titanium metal, including the Yubi table to perfect. Orlinski redesigned the Classic Fusion case to match the dial. No matter if there is any diamond, you can enjoy it. There is no diamond on the watch, with dynamic appearance, the design of the case almost seamlessly transition to the dial. Some of the classic fusion orlinski White is inlaid on a non-symmetrical manner in an asymmetric manner. This further enlarged this wattly different angle. Classical fusion orlinski White can also provide a diamond, including 264 bright cut diamonds, extraordinary effects, which is not surprising that the cooperation between Hublot and Orlinski is so successful.