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HUBLOT-Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow

HUBLOT-Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow Hublot catches a brief rainbow

Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton) deconstructed the heavenly or sacred manifestations in the theory of light and color, requiring civilization to express reverence or hope. This bridge between heaven and earth was deconstructed. However, today, the rainbow still symbolizes peace, joy and optimism. Just like the modern alchemist, Hublot is a master of fusion art. Hublot has made this short-lived optical phenomenon immutable by designing the spirit of the “Big Bang Rainbow” and two 39mm and 42mm timepieces. , Thus covering the whole world with good omen in early 2020. Like the rainbow of gems, they make this spectrum shimmer, extending the short appearance so far.

After the big bang, it is now the turn of the big bang spirit to present the colors of the rainbow! The soft tone of the yellow gold case presents a rainbow of colors, sparkling with round and rectangular cut gems. In the 42mm big bang rainbow spirit, the hour hand clasps the chronograph movement like a precious claw, while the sapphire, ruby, topaz, tsavorite and amethyst completely cover the 39mm dial and sparkle.

The seven famous colors also extend their functions infinitely by covering the crocodile leather strap. These two newcomers once again demonstrated the success of the Big Bang Spirit series, the design of the series was directly inspired by the Big Bang with a barrel shape. This is a unique case structure that can realize unlimited combinations of materials and colors, and surrounds the fake Hublot HUB4700 movement, which is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the best Swiss chronographs ever.