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Jacob & Co. Astronomical Solar



Black Ceramic; Sapphire Apertures on Sides Case Back: Black Ceramic; Bows.
Manufacture Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM18
30m (ISO 2281).

Jacob & Co. Astronomical Solar Energy: Is there space on the wrist?

It’s also hard to imagine on the wrist, just like almost all watches signed by the Haute Horlogerie brand of Uzbekistan jeweler Jacob & Co..

The Jacob & Co. Astronomical Solar Energy, which took two years to develop, is an astronomical clock that displays the eight planets of our solar system in a unique way: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

The internal manual winding movement Caliber JCAM19 is surrounded by a 44.5mm rose gold case and is developed vertically in three different blocks.

The former controls the sapphire hour and minute hands, while the latter rotates counterclockwise to ensure that noon is always in the correct position.

The second piece is equipped with a flying tourbillon. The tourbillon rotates on two axes and takes 10 minutes and 60 seconds respectively. The cage is printed with the Jacob & Co. logo.

The third part retains the earth globe, which completes the evolution of its axis within 60 seconds, and completes the evolution of its quadrant within 10 minutes.

The two-way movement takes only ten minutes to make a clockwise rotation, while the Tanglin base rotates in the opposite direction at the same speed, resulting in an accelerated and stylized view of the solar system.

The idea behind the Jacob & Co. Astronomy series has always been to highlight our planet in an environment dotted with exquisite jewelry by simulating the zero-gravity environment of space.

Solar astronomy shows for the first time all eight planets in the solar system. Among them, the 1.5-carat Citron with the sun in the center has the 288 unmistakable JacobCut® faces. For more information, please visit

The Swiss sub-brand, coupled with Arabo’s exquisite craftsmanship, has once again created a unique masterpiece in the selection and cutting of gemstones.

The latest Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon has a lot to do. In fact, it might be said that the astronomical table of Mount Everest ranks first among all other astronomical tables. Jacob & Co. collaborated with Swedish explorer and environmentalist Johan Ernst Nilson to create a limited edition watch, which is actually a rock from a legendary mountain range. But that’s not all. The sales of this watch come with a helicopter experience, which can bring buyers to Mount Fuji. Nelson and Mount Everest. There is even a charity element behind the watch.

About two years ago, the adventurer Nilson carried an astronomical tourbillon watch with him while climbing the Himalayas. He climbed 6,200 meters, although the temperature was below minus 30 degrees and the altitude was high, the watch still worked normally. Now, Nielsen (also a keen environmentalist) has collaborated with Jacob & Co. to produce the astronomical Mount Everest Cheap men watch, which combines three of Nielsen’s most outstanding expeditions: the North Pole, the South Pole and his Of the mountain peaks. Everest climb.

As mentioned earlier, Nelson collected a rock from the mountain. Mount Everest in every watch. In addition, there are two transparent capsules that mimic the buckets used by Nilson to collect water at each pole. In fact, water from both poles is in each capsule to celebrate the earth and its fragile environment.

This watch reflects that Mt. Everest (8,848 meters) is also an extremely complicated timepiece. Based on the brand’s beloved Astronomia Sky tourbillon watch, the timepiece has a dual-axis gravity tourbillon on one of the four satellites. The other three satellites have a Jacob cut diamond weighing 288 faces, a continuously rotating magnesium globe and hour/minute dials.

This astronomical Mount Everest marks the brand’s first use of Super-LumiNova as a background of hands, gloves and constellations. There is even Super-LumiNova on the strap. There are two versions of the 47 mm watch, one with a black dial and refined in black 18-carat white gold; the other with a blue dial and refined in 18-carat white gold. Each will produce 12 Discount fake watches, a total of 24 watches (representing 24 major time zones in the world).

In addition, and perhaps the most important point, watches also have a charitable element, because 10% of the sales revenue of each watch is donated to organizations that are good for the environment.

Nilson has participated in seven summits and has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records due to the “Three-Pole Challenge.” He witnessed climate change and its consequences in some of the most remote parts of the world.

Nielsen said: “I hope this special timepiece can help change the world.” “The astronomical telescope is the only watch I have ever asked when I wear it, so we will start a conversation, hoping that it will make a difference. This special book Version will promote the fragility of our planet.”

Because this recognition highlights the beauty and fragility of the earth, Jacob & Co. and Nilson added an adventure to their purchase. Each buyer would take a two-person helicopter with Nilson to the Everest location, where he took the rock used for the watch.

Jacob Arabo, the founder of replica Jacob & Co, said: “It is important to raise awareness of the dangers facing our planet. Collaborating with the well-known adventurer and activist Johan Ernst is a good way for our brand to participate. Part of the sale proceeds to charity is vital to us Important-if we are to make a difference, all of us must take action.”