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HUBLOT-Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow Hublot catches a brief rainbow

Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton) deconstructed the heavenly or sacred manifestations in the theory of light and color, requiring civilization to express reverence or hope. This bridge between heaven and earth was deconstructed. However, today, the rainbow still symbolizes peace, joy and optimism. Just like the modern alchemist, Hublot is a master of fusion art. Hublot has made this short-lived optical phenomenon immutable by designing the spirit of the “Big Bang Rainbow” and two 39mm and 42mm timepieces. , Thus covering the whole world with good omen in early 2020. Like the rainbow of gems, they make this spectrum shimmer, extending the short appearance so far.

After the big bang, it is now the turn of the big bang spirit to present the colors of the rainbow! The soft tone of the yellow gold case presents a rainbow of colors, sparkling with round and rectangular cut gems. In the 42mm big bang rainbow spirit, the hour hand clasps the chronograph movement like a precious claw, while the sapphire, ruby, topaz, tsavorite and amethyst completely cover the 39mm dial and sparkle.

The seven famous colors also extend their functions infinitely by covering the crocodile leather strap. These two newcomers once again demonstrated the success of the Big Bang Spirit series, the design of the series was directly inspired by the Big Bang with a barrel shape. This is a unique case structure that can realize unlimited combinations of materials and colors, and surrounds the Hublot HUB4700 movement, which is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the best Swiss chronographs ever.


Colors with passion

The eye-catching red case made entirely of high-tech ceramics developed and produced by Hublot attracts attention. The movement has been redesigned for watchmaking performance. Its manufacturing movement can provide an unparalleled power reserve of 14 days through seven barrels, and the dial side can be seen from the movement. The new Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic is limited to 100 pieces, reflecting the brilliance of Hublot’s art of fusion.

In 2018, Hublot used brand-new materials to create a revolution in watch design and technology. This is the first ever brightly colored high-tech ceramic. This world-exclusive product developed and produced entirely by the manufacturer’s R&D department and its metallurgical and materials laboratory is protected by three patents, which cover the processing technology of the material itself and its shell components. The secret is to find the right balance between temperature and temperature. So far, only black and white ceramics have been used in watchmaking. The watch factory has achieved an important leading position in materials research, opening up new avenues for aesthetics and performance.

Hublot decorates the Big Bang MP-11 with its unique red ceramic, which symbolizes passion, strength, effort and glory. This original case and bezel material is fully polished and contrasts sharply with the iconic H-shaped screws of the black titanium alloy “Big Bang” and the crown and strap made of black rubber, which is the brand’s trademark . The result: Adhering to the true spirit of Hublot, bold and eye-catching innovative design.

Unique sport

This advanced red ceramic effortlessly embodies the art of fusion, and is paired with Hublot watch movements to provide unparalleled performance and design. The Hublot calibreHUB9011 hand-wound skeleton movement has an innovative and eye-catching structure, which can be appreciated through the transparent dial, and through seven series barrels, it can provide an extraordinary power reserve of two weeks. In order to enable energy to be transmitted between the horizontal barrel shaft and the vertical gear, thereby controlling the display of the hour and minute hands, the designers used a system rarely used in watchmaking: a 90-degree helical gear. In order to see the aesthetic balance of this helical gear at 10 o’clock, the balance wheel made of anthracite ruthenium was moved to the dial side at a symmetrical position at 2 o’clock.

The movement consists of 270 parts and is also eye-catching due to its patented indexing assembly system, silicon escapement and black platinum bridge. Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic manual winding adopts a large fluted crown with spiral embossment, which echoes the case. Spiral gear, or an electric Torx stylus inspired by the world of racing.


HUBLOT cheap was founded in Switzerland in 1980. Its innovative concept originated from the new Gold and Rubber Association: “Art of Fusion” originated from the foresight of its chairman Jean-Claude Biver. Since 2012 He became the keen mind of CEO Ricardo Guadalupe (Ricardo Guadalupe).

Then, the award-winning iconic Big Bang model was born in 2005, from the most complex to the simplest complication, paved the way for the new flagship product series (classic fusion, Big Bang spirit), thus creating rapid development The excellent genes of the company expand the Swiss watchmaking industry.

The Swiss cheap watch factory upholds tradition and leading expertise, and upholds the concept of “Be First, Different and Unique” (first of all, different and unique), through its material innovation (magic gold-scratch-resistant gold, bright colors ) Shows a continuous avant-garde spirit. The creation of ceramics, sapphire) and manufacturing movements (Unico, Meca-10, tourbillon).

From the past to the present, HUBLOT has been committed to creating a visionary future for high-end watchmakers: moments of integration with the major events of the current era (FIFA World CupTM, UEFA Champions League, UEFA EUROTM and Ferrari) and Ferrari’s best ambassadors ( Kylian Mbappé, Usain Bolt and Pelé).