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Cheap Frank Muller

Review of the opening event of Frank Muller‘s flagship store in Beverly Hills The Beverly Hilton Hotel was once affectionately called “Hollywood’s hardest hotel.” It’s not hard to see why. Designed by the famous Los Angeles architect Welton Becket and opened in 1955 at the height of the film industry’s development boom, this charming medieval luxury hotel has always been a protagonist in Hollywood history, thanks to Its central role in hosting the Golden Globe Awards ceremony has been in the past 60 years.

Here, the Southern California retailer Feldmar Watch Company and Franck Muller Group Geneva have established its newest retail location: the recently renovated high-end boutique inside Beverly Hilton, which is the location of the largest collection of Franck Muller watches. Seen in the United States-we are very happy to help celebrate the opening earlier this month. On the first day of opening, the new store of the Frank Muller Group welcomed the audience to cheap watch the watches of Frank Muller, Backes & Strauss and Cvstos brands.

The reason why this range of collections is important is that it is beyond the scope of its physical size, mainly because it is a rare opportunity for watch fans to obtain a unique Franck Muller picture. The brand Franck Muller can easily be misclassified by those most familiar with its unique, eye-catching design language and incredible haute horology (just read David’s unpleasant With hands-on operation, you can make one of the most complex watches ever: Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4, right here, designed for elite collectors. Yes, Feldmar ( Feldmar) does provide these incredible watches, which are surprisingly rich, such as the fully decorated Double Mystery “Rainbow”, the black-out Gravity Skeleton (with a striking red anodized tourbillon cage) ) And Triple Axis Revolution 3 tourbillon, retail price is 1.2 million US dollars.

In this new boutique, iconic high complexity such as Crazy Hour and “Totally Crazy” (with an hour hand, in addition to the date, the hour hand “jumps” in an unstable, discontinuous sequence) are also here. It is fully embodied, but Franck Muller’s watch may not surprise you, but it is not overly complicated, or even complicated at all. Instead, their conciseness is eye-catching, allowing the brand’s iconic “Cintrée Curvex-” case to be everywhere.

The elegant Cintrée represents the “curved” French style, using a more familiar barrel-shaped silhouette, but Franck Muller implements it with singularity and without much decoration, allowing the earless case to flow seamlessly into the strap and comfortably Wear it on your wrist. Now, it is worth mentioning that the wine barrel is not the only case shape in the Franck Muller series, but it is certainly the brand’s most well-known entity and the most prominent one in the new boutique.

A bird’s eye view of the complete Franck Muller series also allows you to see the diversity of its size products-from the larger 45 mm case in the Vanguard Yachting series (Franck Muller fans may call It is “traditional”), to the more compact but equal steel or titanium sports 41mm Vanguard basic model, which proved to be very popular among the ABTW team members participating in the event.

These Vanguard models are subtly iterated on Cintrée, modernizing them with bold lines and more masculine facets and edges, just like those found on the aviation-inspired Vanguard Fullback, but the outline is basically Remain unchanged, perfectly constructed each ultra-detailed dial-another classic Franck Muller signature.

Franck Muller Group’s sister brands Backes & Strauss and Cvstos joined Franck Muller in the new boutique. Compared with the case structure and design of Franck Muller cheap watches, the latter adopts a more avant-garde timekeeping method, but the aforementioned Backes & Strauss is known as the oldest diamond company in the world. Strangely, some of the biggest gems and the most peculiar gem setting techniques are used in the watch business. In the snapshot, the Los Angeles watch community used to help us celebrate the grand opening of the boutique is as diverse as these in-store products, depicting a refreshing picture of the thriving Southern California collection scene, which we are proud to call our Part of the spiritual home.