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Review Ulysse Nardin Freak X watch

Ulysse Nardin Freak X watch review – Rolex Daytona Money’s high-end timepiece? Let’s start chasing. At the time of writing, the new Rolex Daytona stainless steel watch on eBay or Chrono24 starts at $24,500. This means that at least some people have paid a lot (or more) for this and bought a truly good watch at a retail price of $13,150. I will not judge these lost souls, nor will I drive them crazy because they are extorting money to pay for the spirit of another Daytona meal. Instead, I will play my role by showing them what they lack: for example, Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) Freak X, which is a historically significant and beautifully-looking watch with a design And manufacturing can make even the most determined Rolex advocates drool-actually love watches. The retail price of this Freak X watch is $21,000 for titanium and $24,000 for carbon fiber, as shown in the picture. So, should you skip the never-ending procession and become a “freak” in order to crown the royal family? Read and judge for yourself.

The freak of Ulysse Nardin is indeed an absolute freak of a watch, which shocked conservative watch lovers, industry leaders and the media. It’s not just extraordinary honest names in doing so. Its conservatism in watch design has been weakened, so that many innovative ideas such as Max Büsser, Martin Frei, Felix Baumgartner, Stephen Forsey, etc. can be carried forward. how so? Since its launch in 2001, the “freak” and its movement layout from the inside out have forever changed the work of ultra-high-end watchmaking. It breaks the ancient “rules” of haute watchmaking, and its power is as great as Royal Oak Steel thirty years ago, even if Ulysse Nardin portrayed the freak Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) also talked about butter bread Royal Oak.

Historically, the rule book only allowed a flat appearance, but mechanically complex watches carried larger price tags and larger brand names. Ulysse Nardin and Freak are Cartier, Hublot, Richard Mille, Jaeger-LeCoultre (Extreme LAB) , Anyone?) and many other peculiar haute horological works paved the way. The design of watches and movements is absolutely impossible. Even the most refined and French names in the company are absolutely necessary.

Conceived by Carole Forestier-Kasapi (who later became the head of Cartier’s Haute Horlogerie Department) and recognized by Ludwig Oechslin, Rolf Schnyder and other well-deserved Ulysse Nardin manufacturers, the first “freak “Far from perfect. In fact, the end of its central axis passes through the front sapphire crystal (to say the least, this is not a luxury solution). In addition, it is bulky, expensive, and yes, it is a watch with a weird appearance. But over the years, Freak has shown unremitting development and demonstrated some pioneering innovations in material technology and watch design of Ulysse Nardin. Oh, in terms of price reduction, the development of Swiss luxury watches is still in uncharted territory. After ending the long-term cheap Freak model, Freak X may always be the cheapest copy Ulysse Nardin Freak. Now you know why this series is truly freak in more than one way in the eyes of others in the industry.

Freak X first impression
The first impression that Ulysse Nardin Freak X watches give you depends largely on the type of watches you often touch. Just because you are in the $20,000 watch market does not necessarily mean that you will often encounter clocks and watches, because by definition, it is rare and rare. Compared with ordinary luxury watches of the same price from Cartier, Rolex, Omega and even most Hublot, Freak X is unparalleled. This is because, well, look at it. That being said, compared to six-figure foreign characters (such as the eye-catching works of Urwerk, Richard Mille and other criminals), Freak X appears timid. It has compact size, lightweight design, relatively streamlined design and low-key color palette. It has 12 lumen hour markers on the round dial, as opposed to three indexes randomly scattered around the amoeba-shaped face. You can wind it with a regular crown without having to negotiate with the function selector and rotate components that might not be moving on a premium timepiece at all. Last but not least, it sits gently on your wrist instead of looking and feeling like a device used to disarm a Russian atomic reactor.

However, the first impression was mixed-so many that even after wearing it for a few days, I still don’t have any idea about the shocking power of Freak X-when it is so strangely combined with the Carbonium® case, the situation This is especially true with a crocodile leather strap. In this illustrated configuration, it looks more like a strap I put on in a hurry, rather than a clock orchestrated by designers.

We should all appreciate the fact that this more restrained appearance may attract potential buyers who want to buy fancy watches and clocks, and there are few other options to show your facial expressions. In a softer sense, it should also be noted that many weird watches have made a mistake of maximizing the use of each component in the design, which is precisely taken away from the core part of a given watch. . In other words, I am happy that the strap is not a ready-made thing, and there are no 10 different colors and fonts on the dial. However, even if it was love at first sight, this blue cardboard-like ultra-thin alligator strap (next to the monochromatic watch head) made me invisible. Fortunately, Ulysse Nardin also provides some other cool-looking straps, coupled with the convenient lug design, means you can put any other regular straps on Freak, I would certainly recommend this. To better match the header. Moreover, Ulysse Nardin also offers many other versions, including red and black shell versions-although I think there are too many versions that are wrong due to caution and routine considerations.

Wearing “Ulysse Nardin Freak X” in “Carbonium”
Let us become more personalized. Wearing Ulysse Nardin Freak X fills me with the kind of pride I can best describe, which hardly comes from the simple act of wearing a buy fake watch. Not to mention that I am fully aware that this is just a review of the lender, not the part I can call it. Nevertheless, I still get an overwhelming feeling from the importance and novelty factors of freaks. In essence, the “freak” is characterized by its huge minute hand with a reverse gear on its outer edge, and an awesome time-space balance wheel with a pushpin made of silicon. That’s a freak, nothing else. This is not a frequent visitor in the category of “crazy haute horology”, but it is this concept that opens the door to us. As far as I know, a technically complex tourbillon or a beautifully-made tourbillon has a relaxed and lively atmosphere from Freak, while the complications of fragility and filaments are unparalleled.

I do have some complaints. Freak X-in the eyes of my tired watch reporter, I have seen all kinds of weird watches from the positive (and negative)-a bit timid, and, in most cases, the dial-bracelet-bracelet configuration is also a bit like a hodgepodge . To be fair, I showed it to all my friends and family, even watch lovers, and found it amazing. I can see this from their reaction, and trust you, I have become accustomed to the extraordinary timepieces I handed them over the years. However, if you look at the entire range, there are too many options for black or dark blue dials, and the mixed zero bright dials (except for the all white part) may make other dials seem overly indicative. Of course, most luxury watches have black, dark blue or other conservative dial colors, but these are not good for Freak X because they can only cover up the assembly of the dial and make its details and construction more difficult. enjoy. They do look very tasteful and balanced overall, but it can be said that there should be at least some smarter choices for the nine reference series.

A good example is the emergence of The Hour Glass’s Freak X limited edition epic (and more vivid, complex and expensive versions) captured by time2umall in the wild. Even the brown alligator leather strap looks very sturdy (pun intended) and is more appropriate at this point. I believe that some small adjustments like this can bring successful versatility to the Freak X series and better highlight its true characteristics.