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Cheap Richard Mille watches

Richard Mille RM-001

One of the charms of Richard Mille watches is self-evidently the popularity of celebrities (such as Natalie Portman and Jackie Chan), as well as the popularity from Formula One The racers are sponsored by the athletes of Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Richard Mille Ambassador Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal)

Since 2001, Richard Mille has issued dozens of watches, of which the $2 million watch made headlines a few years ago.

Since then, many people have been wondering why Richard Mille watches are so expensive.

The core elements of Richard Mille watches
Although the brand may be recognized by celebrities, the key to the price tag of Richard Mille watches is actually the core elements of the timepiece: the design of the movement, the elegance of materials and technology.

“I think the time is ripe to return to the lifestyle embodied in pocket watches. You know there is a personal pleasure in your pocket that requires graceful gestures to use and show it to others.”
~ Richard Mille

Richard Mille design
Richard Mille replica watches are easy to find: if it looks like a cross between a Formula One car and a high-end timepiece, you have found it. This unique appearance helped establish the Richard Mille brand.

Richard Mille Materials
Richard Mille is known for using unique case and base materials such as carbon nanotubes, gold fused with carbon and toughened ceramics. These materials bring elasticity to the mixture.

Richard Mille Movement
Richard Mille watches generally have a tourbillon, which is a rotating cage that brings a higher level of innovation to the escapement. The movement is made of a series of unique materials, a mixture of titanium alloys.

Richard Mille’s best watches
In addition to the famous RM 56-02 tourbillon sapphire, the Richard Mille brand also released a series of lower-priced watches. Here are some exquisite Richard Mille watches to keep in mind.