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Jacob & Co. Master of Astronomy

Replica Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA MAESTRO AM500.40.AC.SD.D watch

Item Type: Replica ASTRONOMIA MAESTRO Watches
Case Material: Rose Gold,Sapphire
Model Number: AM500.40.AC.SD.D
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 50 mm
Gender: unisex
Glass: Sapphire
Thickness: 26 mm
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: Rose Gold Folding Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes
Year: 2021

Jacob & Co. Master of Astronomy

Jacob & Co. has introduced a new astronomer master gravitational three-axis tourbillon minute repeater tourbillon carillon.

Only Jacob & Co. dared to present one of the most complex complications of watchmaking in a transparent case, in which an astronaut floats. The astronomy series is the result of four years, combining the fantasy of Jacob Alabo and the talent of watchmaker Luca Soprano. Whether in symbolic or literal terms, we have always been clear that we are The inevitable connection between the universe and its position in the universe and time is exactly why we put clocks in the first place.

After the creation of the first watch movement with a vertical structure, the movement continuously rotates around its own central axis, with branches attached to carry various things such as astronauts, Jacob® cut diamonds, earth swiss watches brands, hour and minute hands, duets, etc. The behind-the-scenes of object astronomy have spent the past two years perfecting their latest watch miracle. The master of astronomy combines the precision minute repeater with the glockenspiel, which is currently the most complicated type. More importantly, it uses a patented fusée barrel with a ratchet and pawl system, which is spirally wound on the main board of the movement, and three gongs are wound, which is the first time in the watch industry.

The result is a completely new movement that for the first time contains the hour and minute display in the center instead of on one of the rotating arms. The arm available for this reason has passed the moon phase display, can rotate on its own axis within 31 days, and uses the rotation of a half-black and half Jacob® cut diamond to display the date with scales and moon phases. White with 288 facets.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Jewellery Planet Watch Replica AS300.40.AS.AK.A Jacob and Co Watch Price

Although the visual effects are breathtaking, collectors of minute repeater repeaters are naturally as interested in the acoustics of this instrument as the aesthetics. In this regard, astronomy masters have a lot of work to do. First of all, most of its case is made of sapphire crystal, and the volume is large, which helps amplify the sound. Luca Soprana explains: “In the past two years, a lot of research has allowed us to conduct extensive research to go beyond the usual minute repeater principle.” Three clearly visible hammers strike the hour, quarter-hour and quarter-hour from low to high. Minutes, with the beautiful cathedral gong sound. jacob and co astronomia spider

The auditory symphony is accompanied by visual ballet, and the four arms of the movement complete a complete dial rotation every ten minutes. On the opposite arm, the earth and the miniature astronaut (he weighs only 0.2 grams, almost weightless!) rotates about its axis every 30 seconds, while the tourbillon performs a complete rotation every two and a half minutes, around the pendulum The axle and itself rotate. It rotates every 60 seconds. All this happens in the context of the planets in our solar system.

The JCFM06 movement manually wound by the Observatory Master consists of 608 parts.

Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Pink Sapphires
For a long time, many brands have specially developed unique ways of cutting gemstones as their own student signs, such as Tiffany’s famous Lucida-cut, Backes & Strauss’ Ideal-cut, Vacheron Constantin’s Flame-cut, Louis Vuitton’s LV-cut , Montbalnc-cut of Montblanc is not only a jewelry brand, but also a watch brand. Everyone can see spherical three-dimensional gems in the Astronomia series. These are all using Jacob & Co.’s patented Jacob-cut cutting method. The gems are made into a spherical shape with 288 cutting surfaces, and they can also be distributed. Flashing light. jacob and co astronomia sky

This year, the brand has another innovative cutting method called “Ice Cream Cut”, which is a change from the common Baguette-cut, which smooths all the corners of the original octagon. It retains the original extra-large surface (table) of Baguette-cut. In the case of pavé setting, the stone can be airtight and it feels slippery, but it does not damage the refractive index of its light. The fantastic color of sapphire deserves the name of Ice Cream.

Although this watch is made of rose gold, the case and dial are paved with 170 Ice Cream Cut pink sapphires weighing 27.63 carats. The 47mm case is airtight, only on the bottom and the dial. The presence of rose gold can be seen on the crown. The watch is equipped with a JCBM01a hand-winding movement, with a tourbillon at 6:00, which can store 100 hours of energy. The bridge at the bottom of the watch is also inlaid with 346 Brilliant-cut white diamonds, weighing 1.5 carats.

Case: rose gold
Diameter: 47mm
Movement: JCBM01a hand chain
Functions: hour, minute, tourbillon, 100-hour power reserve display at the bottom of the watch
Water resistance: 30 meters
Gems: 351 Ice Cream Cut pink sapphires weighing 46.24 carats, and 346 diamonds weighing 1.5 carats

Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Arlequino Pink

Jacob & Co. has always started with jewellery. In 2015, the founder Jacob Arabo used 239 Emerald-cut diamonds with a total weight of 260 carats in various sizes, together with a winding movement and tourbillon, to form a unique The Billionaire wrist The watch was priced at about 160 million Hong Kong dollars when it was exhibited in Hong Kong in 2017. Although it could not break the record of Graff’s most expensive jewelry watch, it was also amazing. But as early as 2014, the brand has launched the Brilliant Rainbow watch, with colored sapphires as the bezel and moments, plus mother-of-pearl dial and diamonds, becoming the brand’s most outstanding women’s watch series, followed by many Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow, Brilliant Flying Tourbillon and other watches are all colorful and colorful, such as fireworks, dazzling.

This year, in addition to the all-pink Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Pink Sapphires with Ice Cream Cut, there is also this Arlequino Pink, which is also pink. The 47mm white gold case and dial are set with 360 Baguette-cut colored sapphires, weighing 35.56 carats. , Also equipped with JCBM01a hand-winding movement. In addition to the white diamond pavé on the bottom of the table, there are 8 colored sapphires as a 100-hour power reserve indicator. However, it is not easy to gather so many colors and sizes, so this watch is only one, and the next time it may be a combination of other colors.

The bridge part of the movement is studded with diamonds and has a 100-hour power reserve display.

Case: white gold
Diameter: 47mm
Movement: JCBM01a hand chain
Functions: hour, minute, tourbillon, 100-hour power reserve display at the bottom of the watch
Water resistance: 30 meters
Gems: 360 colored sapphires weighing 35.56 carats, and 346 diamonds weighing 1.5 carats