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Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Tourbillon

Glashutte Original Senator Chronometer 1-58-03-01-04-30 Replica Watch

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Tourbillon–Limited Edition Congressman Observatory Tourbillon Watch Limited Edition

In the small town of Glashütte in Saxony, Germany, exquisite timepieces have always been a harmonious fusion of excellent machinery and elegant appearance. In 1920, the master watchmaker Alfred Helwig gave the tourbillon, a challenging complex device in the field of “Haute Horlogerie”, a seemingly weightless floating appearance by fixing only one side. Today, Glashütte Original presents Alfred Hewig’s invention in an advanced, sophisticated, highly sophisticated timepiece. For the first time, this Saxon watch brand has successfully integrated a flying tourbillon with stop seconds, zero reset and minute stop devices to achieve high-precision time setting. This pioneering platinum watch is limited to 25 pieces worldwide and has been officially certified as a chronometer.

Tourbillon: a spinning mission

The rotation of the tourbillon is mesmerizing, and the original design of the tourbillon is to improve the accuracy of the timepiece. Whether it is a cantilever (flying) or a classic style fixed by a bridge, the tourbillon rotates on its axis together with the entire oscillation and escapement system. In the past, this achieved the offset of gravity and also improved the timekeeping performance of the pocket watch. For modern watches, the most important role of the tourbillon is to showcase the professional skills of the watchmaker, which has amazed timepiece connoisseurs all over the world.

The tourbillon created by Glashütte Original still has not abandoned its original purpose. The stop seconds, return to zero and minute stop devices ensure that the minute hand and the second hand are synchronized, thereby achieving high-precision time setting: when the crown is pulled out, the tourbillon frame stops rotating, and the second hand is mounted on the tourbillon frame , So it will stop running immediately.

The watchmaker is happy to meet the challenge and find a way to stop the “flying tourbillon” of the “full speed flight” and enable it to have the ability to accurately set the time. The solution is both well-designed and original. Glashütte Original has applied for two patents for this complex structure.

To set the time, first pull out the crown. This triggers a vertical clutch that is responsible for locking the tourbillon frame, which immediately stops the balance wheel. If you then pull the crown further outward and keep it still, the second hand moves clockwise to the zero position, and the minute hand moves to the next hour mark on the hour. During this process, the rotation damping ensures smooth operation. Now loosen the crown, the second hand will still remain at the zero position, so the time can be set accurately, with a minimum accuracy of minutes (the crown remains pulled out). When you reach the desired position, press the crown back, and the second hand will be released at this time, so that you can ensure precise synchronization of the minutes and seconds. For the first time this watch is equipped with shock absorbers on both sides of the flying tourbillon.

Glashutte Original Senator Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 1-54-01-01-01-01 Replica Watch

Calibre 58-05 manual winding movement: Observatory-level precision, elegant appearance

Senator Chronometer Tourbillon-Limited Edition Senator Chronometer Tourbillon watch limited edition high precision has been certified by an independent testing agency. Each watch has been certified by the German Calibration Service in Glashütte as a chronometer and meets the DIN 8319 standard. The watch was tested in five different locations for 15 days and three temperatures. In addition, the silicon balance spring has more powerful anti-magnetic and resistance to temperature differences. The Calibre 58-05 hand-wound movement has a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of up to 70 hours is indicated by the power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock.

Design: rich layers, transparent and three-dimensional

The 42mm platinum case houses a highly decorated movement. Under the electroplated blue eccentric dial, different levels and rich decorations together show a charming picture. The dial and flying tourbillon are like small lighthouses rising in the “waves” of the undulating movement, creating an amazing three-dimensional effect. The open design and the semi-transparent sapphire glass second hand scale ring make connoisseurs indulge in the deep three-dimensionality of the watch. Various hand-engraved and classic Glashütte column patterns are polished to present a perfect decoration.

In addition, the upper edge of the dial is cleverly equipped with a particularly elegant and sophisticated detail-the upper reflective ring displays the words “Chronometer Tourbillon” at 12 o’clock, and these two words are reflected and engraved on the dial fixing element. In addition, the back of the watch also has a delicate and charming decoration. The dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap with platinum folding buckle makes the overall design of the luxury swiss watches harmonious and natural in one go.

Model name: Senator Chronometer Tourbillon – Limited Edition Senator Chronometer Tourbillon
Wheel watch limited edition
Release year: 2019
Reference number: 1-58-05-01-03-30
Movement: Calibre 58-05 manual winding movement
Function: Flying tourbillon with small seconds, off-center hour and minute hands, with stop seconds, reset to zero and innovative minute stop
Rotating tourbillon frame of the device, power reserve indicator
Features: Obtained German chronometer certification
Power reserve: 70 hours
Vibration frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
Case: polished/satin-brushed platinum, sapphire glass and back, water resistance 5 bar
Dimensions: Diameter: 42.0 mm, thickness: 12.0 mm
Dial: electroplated blue, with press insert
Strap: dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap with platinum folding clasp