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Patek Philippe just launched the new 2020: Patek for travelers. It doesn’t have to be Nautilus.

Since 5524 was listed, it feels gradually brewing. Although it is not as crazy as the Nautilus now, the 5524 is also hard to find and hard to buy. In today’s hustle and bustle of sports watches, positioning the elegant pilot watch, the 5524 with a large diameter of 42 mm, is not to blame. In the Nautilus and Aquanaut “Grenade” hot models were fired to increase the price to buy, it is almost impossible to order in the store (at least 3 years of waiting, can it be called “buy”…) situation, 5524 at least have a chance Booked. What choice do you think you should make? Everyone has different aesthetics. No matter whether you think it is good-looking or ugly, 5524 is a very special Patek Philippe.

After 5524 went on the market in 2015, a number of new models came out in the next few years, and soon formed the Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot watch family: In 2018, the rose gold version with brown dial Ref. 5524R-001 was launched. In the same year, the rose gold medium watch Ref. 7234R-001 (diameter 37.5 mm) was released. It was made for women. Of course, it is also suitable for men who like small faces. It is actually a unisex watch.

In 2019, the Ref. 5520 super complication travel time alarm watch with a more shocking appearance and more complex functions was launched, combining a dual time zone display and a 24-hour alarm device. In addition to the previous models, the Patek Philippe Calatrava pilot watch family also includes the limited edition watch Ref. 5522A of the 2017 Patek Philippe New York Watch Art Exhibition, and the limited edition watch Ref. 7234A of the Patek Philippe Singapore Watch Art Exhibition in 2019.

Table diameter 37.5 mm thick 10.78 mm lug spacing 18 mm, 18K white gold case, sapphire crystal transparent cover, screw-in waterproof crown, automatic winding mechanical movement 324 SC FUS, dual time zone (local time/home time) , Dual time zone independent day/night display, local time synchronization pointer date display, power reserve 35-45 hours, water resistance 60 meters, blue lacquered dial with 18K white gold numerals, fluorescent coating white gold hour and minute hands, 18K white gold parallel pin buckle Navy The blue calfskin strap comes with a spare strap.

It can be seen from the model number that the Ref. 7234G Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watch has a neutral diameter with a diameter of 37.5 mm and is available for both men and women. Big names and strong men are not suitable, and those who are obsessed with large watch diameters are not suitable. This is the gospel for small watch collectors. Of course, it is also a surprise for girls who like this kind of handsome and cool sports men’s watch.

The blue lacquered dial is inspired by the pilot’s watch, with white gold three-dimensional numerals covered with white fluorescent coating, and widened blue platinum Patton-style fluorescent hands to ensure that the time is still clear and easy to read in the dark.

The Patek Philippe Pilot Traveller’s watch fascinates and admires watch lovers most is its dual time operation and display system. It is very convenient and efficient, easy to control, and clear identification, and it can be easily mastered by anyone after one operation. Its high-tech patented system allows you to adjust the time at will while ensuring that the watch keeps accurate time: When adjusting the local time at the same time, the hour hand showing the local time will be separated from the movement, so the minute hand and second hand will not suffer the slightest time accuracy. influences. The hollow hour hand continues to show the home time. Both time zones have separate day/night displays (the LOCAL window showing the local time is at 9 o’clock, and the HOME window showing the home time is at 3 o’clock), making it easy to set the time during travel. If the owner of the cheap luxury watches stays in his place of origin, the two hour hands remain overlapping.

The dual time zone button is also equipped with a patented insurance system to prevent accidental adjustment to the local time. Therefore, before pressing the button, you must rotate a quarter turn to unlock. After the adjustment is complete, rotate a quarter turn in the opposite direction to relock the button.

There is a pointer type date display at 6 o’clock. Since the date display is always synchronized with the local time, if you operate the time zone button to make the hour hand showing the local time clockwise or counterclockwise past 12 midnight, the date display will advance or go back one day accordingly. This function is extremely useful for travelers.

Therefore, the Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time watch is one of the best choices for global travelers. If you don’t want to buy a classic and complicated world, and you want the watch to cope with various working and living environments around the clock, it is fashionable and sporty. If you choose this one among the top brands, then the Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time Watch is definitely the best selected. Those with thin wrists and ladies choose 7234G, those who like big watches choose 5524G-as long as they can buy it.

Although it is a relatively conservative big name, Patek Philippe is also adapting to the needs of the new era. For example, in addition to the original navy blue strap, the new Ref. 7234G also comes with a spare vintage brown calfskin, decorated with contrast stitching, reminiscent of the belt in the pilot’s classic equipment. This kind of watch with two belts is very rare for Patek Philippe. Moreover, although many people think that the folding buckle is advanced, the watch tour always tells everyone: No matter how advanced the watch is, the pin buckle is convenient and comfortable to wear! This watch is equipped with a pin buckle, which is great.

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