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New Rolex Oyster Perpetual Color Dial

We did introduce the Oyster Perpetual version on the day of launch. However, in order to conduct a more comprehensive analysis, we decided to immerse the news and develop ideas. Rolex has always been an important brand for collectors. The brand is super strong. The demand is extremely high. Although the annual production of Rolex is estimated to be about 1 million watches, almost all watches, especially sports watches and Oystersteel models are rare watches. If not for most models, many models have long waiting lists.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 with silver dial and Oyster bracelet.
The Oyster Perpetual (OP) series may be the so-called entry level into the Rolex world. For a long time, it has been the best-selling product, surpassing all other models. OP is a direct descendant of the original Oyster launched in 1926. Oyster is the world’s first waterproof watch and the foundation of Rolex’s reputation. It includes the famous Oyster case and a movement that is mechanically self-winding through a perpetual motion machine. Obtained the most advanced astronomical clock certification.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual
The Oyster Perpetual (OP) is a simple, time-only watch with no date display. By convention, the time is indicated by two bar-shaped hands and a pointer (such as a centrally mounted sweeping second hand). Oystersteel case with Oyster bracelet. Basically.

OP is now divided into 5 size series-41mm, 36mm, 34mm, 31mm and 28mm. The 39mm model is now discontinued and replaced with 41mm. The entire series is equipped with a series of painted dials, and there are many color options. Many colors are bright and interesting. And it is reminiscent of last year’s Stella dial.

Story of case and bracelet
Oyster steel case-Rolex represents the 904L stainless steel used in watches. The shape remains the same, but the case diameter has been updated. Considering the proportions of the cases, and viewing the models in isolation, it is difficult to distinguish the differences between the models. Even from the discontinued 39 to the new 41, their appearance is the same, and the difference in size only becomes obvious when placed side by side. There are subtle differences between the dials when crossing the case size, but the differences are greater in the following dial sections.

As usual, the case is very strong, with faceted and curved surfaces, with brushed or highly polished surfaces. The Oyster bracelet is very comfortable and very strong. The fit and polishing effect are excellent, which is the almost unique ability of Rolex to combine quality and precision with mass production. Every element exudes top quality-from the precision of the crystal mounted on the bezel, to the polishing of the slightly curved bezel, to the brushing of the back of the case. Awesome.Sale replica watches

The story of the dial
The new OP dial is very similar to the old OP dial and has the same basic structure. The main difference between the different size series is that 41 and 36 have the same dial, while 34 and 28 have their own nuances. Without these nuanced details, it would not be a Rolex.

In 41/36, the hour markers are parallel bars at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, and the horizontal bars on the other hour markers surround the dial. For 34/28, all marks are single.

Another small detail is that the minute markers around the hour markers are different throughout. On 41 and 36, the five-minute interval is square. The paint is thick and it seems to lift from the bottom of the dial. We are not sure, but some squares may be decals because they have a well-defined pyramid shape. But for 34, use Roman numerals for hours instead of squares. On the 31 markers, all the markers are lines, only shorter and thicker (bold) markers within 5 minutes. Although 28 models are not marked every 5 minutes.

After these models are equipped with a new movement, the small crown replaces the minute mark at 30 o’clock, and the sides are “SWISS” and “MADE”, respectively, instead of 29 and 31 marks.

All dials have a Rolex crown at 12 o’clock. And all the marks are affixed with Superluninova gold decals (in Rolex, this luminescent material is called Chromalight).

The basic dial can be silver with a sunburst pattern, a black dial with gold markings and hands, or a black dial with silver markings and hands. However, the world talks about the color options provided in addition to these of course. The new colors offered are bright blue, candy powder (only 36 and 31), turquoise blue, yellow, coral red and green.

We noted with interest that confectionery powder is available in both 36 and 31. The hue is a fairly bright pastel, and the pink is very beautiful. Rolex classifies OP 36 as a men’s size. Some commentators may think that 36 is a women’s size, while pink mainly attracts female customers. They criticize Rolex for being stereotyped and outdated. But we think Rolex is the latest, real men do wear pink, and Candy Pink is added to OP 36. Of course, there is also a lady option in the OP 31 model. Among Rolex’s 34, 31 and 28 classified as ladies’ watches, only No. 31 offers Candy Pink, while Nos. 34 and 28 offer only the more classic Pink.