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RM 35-02 Nadal Automatic Quartz-TPT and the new RM 055 NTPT Bubba Watson “Dark Legend” and “White Legend”

rm 035

Three is of course best Richard Mille‘s magic number. This month, they added three new models to their ever-growing watch collection, and more importantly, pushed the ship away in terms of innovative materials and design. As the most high-end brand in luxury watches, Richard Mille continues to add and improve, refreshing the already popular models (RM 035 and RM 055 in this case) is always comforting.

Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Automatic Quartz-TPT
So, what is the difference between RM 35-02 and previous products? Well, this is the first watch in the series with an automatic movement. The RM 35-02 was born at the request of the customer. After hearing the news of the Nadal movement, it requested an automatic winding device.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) decided to use his patented variable geometry rotor, which can adjust the windings according to the user’s activity level. In fact, when there is very little movement of the arms and hands, the winding process will speed up, and the relaxation speed will slow down during intense sports, such as when Rafael Nadal participates in a tennis match.

rm 35-01

Compared with other Nadal models, another change is that it has a sapphire crystal back cover, you can appreciate the movement from all angles. What RM 35-01 may be missing is the exhibition bottom cover, so I think this is a welcome addition.

The 50mm case will use NTPT carbon fiber (such as RM 35-01) or bright Quartz-TPT red with white highlights. The benefits of this material are excellent stability and resistance.

Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson “Dark Legend” & “White Legend”
Richard Mille and the Professional Golf Association (PGA) champion golfer once again jointly released two limited edition RM 055.

Similar to the previous Bubba Watson models, the RM 055 “White Legend” and “Dark Legend” are made of extremely lightweight and strong materials. The top and bottom tonneau-shaped bezels are made of NTPT carbon fiber, and the strap is made of sandblasted titanium.

“White Legend” has a white inner ring, hands and crown protection, while “Dark Legend” is black with a red crown protection cover, re-marking and strap, forming a sharp contrast.

rm 055 white

As for sports, the RM 055 is equipped with a manual winding RMUL2 movement that can withstand accelerations of more than 5000 Gs, allowing it to perform well on the wrists of professional golfers with a fast and powerful swing.

RM 055 “Dark Legend” and “White Legend”.

wm 055