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BRM V12-44 Chronograph Strap Checkered Racing Strap

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BRM replica watches should be the favorite watch manufacturer for Franks, racing fans and watch lovers. Bernard Richards brought a love for motorsports and longed to express himself with the same style and aesthetics. BRM (Bernard Richard Manufacture) provides an incredibly unique and almost whimsical watch for anyone who likes racing or a unique style.

The French are actually impressive watchmakers and designers. Bell&Ross, who is quickly emerging, is French. Tag Heuer and Zenith are owned by French, and some outstanding “artistic” watchmakers, such as Alain Silberstein, are also French.

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More information about French watches. Let’s take a look at replica BRM V12-44. This is a watch with the theme of super race, you can tell at first glance. Unlike other “race watch” manufacturers, BRM focuses on the mechanics of racing, not just the theme or appearance. Therefore, each of his watches contains certain elements of the attractiveness of a racing engine. The V12 series focuses on retro style, reminding people when to really bolt the car together. The highly polished screws covering most surfaces remind us of manual craftsmanship and long-lasting strength. It further relates to the rich colors enjoyed by vintage racing cars. The large crown and pusher are designed to resemble engine pistons with valves.

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The watch case is engraved with beautiful lines and bolted to the lugs, thereby improving the “structural” quality of the Shopping fake watch. My interpretation of the case is that it should resemble a racing car wheel (without tires of course), and the dial is a retro racing dashboard. Various holes in parts (such as hands) all hint at weight reduction techniques commonly used in high-performance machinery. In most cases, adding holes in structural elements can reduce weight. I don’t think BRM is considering Swiss cheese.

Wholesale BRM V12-44-GT-MONACO Replica Watch
BRM V12-44-GT-MONACO Replica Watch

Inside the watch, you will find the updated ETA Valjoux 7753 “Valgranes”, which is basically the newer and larger Valjoux 7750. The function provides time, date and 12-hour chronograph, which is well integrated with the triaxial sub-dial array here. . I really like the placement of the rear window and watch the movement in a lightly decorated way. The watch itself is 44 mm wide and has no crown; it is a good size.

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The leather strap is one of the real stars here. The checkered pattern inspired by the competition is a real hand-stitched interwoven design. I have seen a lot of lattice belts, but so far, this is the best combination of black and red leather placed separately. The buckle looks beautiful and perfectly matches the style of other watches.

Although BRM V12-44 is not cheap, it is an excellent “entry-level” BRM watch.

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