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Dare to show “true core” – Breguet Tradition

In 2005, when the Breguet Tradition series was born, people were amazed that Breguet combined its classic and avant-garde, subversively displaying the movement structure that was originally hidden under the dial main board on the front of the dial. This very special design has appeared on Breguet’s historical watches. This year, Breguet has added another masterpiece to the Tradition series. The new Tradition series 7097 automatic retrograde second hand is named after the retrograde second hand at 10 o’clock, and it presents superb skills and unique aesthetics to our eyes.

The Tradition Series 7097 Automatic Retrograde Seconds Watch is made of 18K white gold, with a luxurious and elegant appearance. The outer edge is decorated with a coin pattern that we are very familiar with, which is the iconic design element of Breguet.

The first time I saw the Tradition series 7097 automatic retrograde seconds Popular swiss watch, I would be attracted by the precision machinery on the dial.

Breguet draws on the mechanical design of subscription pocket watches and touch watches to present the visual effect of mechanical balance and symmetry. There is an escapement balance wheel at the 4 o’clock position on the dial. For this reason, there is also a center wheel of the same size at 8 o’clock. The large barrel is located in the center of the dial.

At the same time, the motherboard and plywood are retouched by a special sandblasting process, which requires excellent technology and superb operation to form a regular and uniform surface.

The blue gold dial is set at the 12 o’clock position of the large dial, which can present a special gradual effect. The dial is decorated with hand-engraved guilloche nail patterns, and is equipped with Breguet hands and Arabic numeral hour markers. Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet (Abraham-Louis Breguet) is a perfectionist who pays attention to both technology and aesthetics. The mystery can be seen in this watch.

The retrograde display of the second hand at 10 o’clock is also the highlight of this watch. When the hand moves to the 60-second position, it can quickly jump back to the initial position. Both the sector-shaped retrograde display and the hour and minute display panel are treated with circular wire drawing, which is more clear and easy to read.

The originator of shock absorbers

When the Tradition series was born, the pare-chute shock absorber (also called parachute shock absorber) invented by Breguet in 1790 was applied to the watch. On the escapement at 4 o’clock, you can see the pare-chute shock absorber.

In order to prevent the fragile balance wheel shaft from being damaged or broken due to impact, Mr. Breguet used a tapered shaft to strengthen its stability, and used metal sheets to elastically strengthen the ruby ​​bearing. This design makes the axis of the watch only deviate even if it is impacted to protect the stability of the escapement.

Turning to the back of the watch, you can see the 505SR1 self-winding movement mounted on the watch. The gold automatic rotor on it is very special. Its design is derived from an antique Breguet watch. This movement is equipped with a reverse linear lever escapement, with a silicon pallet fork and a silicon Breguet balance spring to ensure extremely stable travel time.

A blue crocodile leather strap is matched with it, and the elegant and fashionable temperament is fascinating.

Breguet, with a long history, does not simply use historical watches directly in modern watches, but incorporates innovative design and technology to bring the Tradition series to life and provide it to the elites of modern cities. A simple, bold and stylish watch that can be worn on different occasions.