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Hublot Big Bang

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Hublot Big Bang e Smartwatch review

As early as 2018, Swiss Hublot followed other luxury watch brands under LVMH to launch dedicated smart watches as part of the brand’s watch series. In 2020, Hublot launched an upgraded non-limited edition smartwatch product called Hublot Big Bang e (“e” is probably for “electronic” or “mechanical”. Big Bang e and LVMH brand TAG Heuer and Louis Vuitton Join together, the latter also has its own smart watches-all of these watches use similar electronic hardware kits. What makes the various devices supported by the Google Wear operating system unique is the external case, personality and some of the products that come with the corresponding product Unique dial software options. Let’s see how Hublot Big Bang e is built as a smart watch.

As a smart watch enthusiast, my favorite Hublot Big Bang e is the overall design and wearing experience. Smart watches have made great strides in just a few years, especially in terms of screen brightness and technology that are always on. A few years ago, smart watches usually had black screens, black screens, but now, with the development of more advanced technology, smart watches do not need to be blank when worn on the wrist. The result is a more traditional watch wearing experience, which includes the expressiveness of the case and strap design, including the expressiveness of the dial surface itself. I think this is very important.

Why is it a big deal? Because it can make the wearing experience of Big Bang e very similar to the standard Big Bang. No, the watches are not exactly the same, but the first time I wore a luxury smart watch, and what I often forget is the smart watch. This means that with a 42 mm wide case size (approximately 13 mm thick, the distance between the lugs is about 55 mm, and the water resistance is 30 meters), Big Bang e is about the same size as its mechanical cousin, and their cases are similar Materials and finishes. In many ways, Hublot Big Bang e wearers are very suitable for the same club as traditional Big Bang watch wearers. Therefore, although Hublot Big Bang e is expensive for smart watches, it is relatively cheap for Hublot.

Hublot offers several versions of Big Bang e, including titanium case and blue or black ceramic case. Their bezels and Sapphire’s well-designed easy-to-release strap replacement system both come with sapphire crystal. The integration of the color touch screen with the sapphire crystal is very good, because the dial feels that it has not sunk at all, but just floats in the sapphire crystal, right on top of the screen. The screen is bright and the touch screen is responsive.

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In addition to the touch screen, the crown can also be used as a button and a scroll wheel at the same time. Of course, this will also be shared on the Louis Vuitton and TAG Heuer Connected smart watches. At the moment, I believe Hublot is the most expensive of all watches, although Louis Vuitton may now have some fairly conservative versions of its smartwatches. This case is not the same as the more expensive mechanical watches in Hublot in the Big Bang series, but for smart watches, it must be very high-end. Hublot also produces a 42mm wide Big Bang version, you can put Big Bang e next to them, they look very close.

As a smart watch, Big Bang e is good, but there is no world-class one. For me, the most obvious omission is the lack of a heart rate monitor-I think it should be increasingly regarded as the standard. Smart watches are increasingly defined by their on-board sensors, rather than the notifications they can show you. This swiss watch still has an accelerometer (and other basic motion sensors) built-in, but it lacks the popular sensors available in mainstream smartwatches from Apple and Garmin, such as GPS, heart rate monitors, and other environmental or body measurement sensors. Hublot may argue that its customers have smart watches dedicated to sports activities and exercises, and most of them are young people, who seek the convenience of interconnecting modern smart watches with Hublot style. That is not incorrect, but it is more correct to focus on installing this technology into next-generation products. People will buy Hublot Big Bang e for fun and novelty. But for Hublot to win any significant market share and keep more people watching, it needs to ensure that at such a high price, its products provide at least as many features as products that only cost a few hundred dollars.

At the time of launch, Hublot showed how sexy the Big Bang e dial will be when it has designed some more artistic dial software for Big Bang e. There are not many dedicated dials, but they are all pretty good. The most interesting is Marc Fererro, which is actually a variety of visual works composed of watch hands. When you load this face, the default option is to simply cycle through the dials randomly in the dial selection. It’s cool, but the lack of any real personalization or customization in the Hublot dial software option feels limited. Indeed, Hublot is not a software company, but for a sale of more than $5,000, I think it is worthwhile to invest in a third-party company to design a series of cool watch faces. I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that in the near future, I believe that the experience of buying luxury smart watches will be as much as hardware and software. Buyers who purchase high-end products of European brand smart watches should get a fully orchestrated dial experience, interesting software and rich artistic talents. Constantly updated. Luxury watchmakers are slowly figuring this out, but it will take some time before the interior of a luxury smartwatch is as interesting as its appearance.

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As I mentioned above, Hublot Big Bang e is a smart watch supported by the Google Wear operating system, which means it will have an excellent experience on Android-based smart phones. You can of course use it on Apple iPhone, but it is difficult to compare the experience with the perfect integration of Apple Watch and iPhone. For me, the most satisfying experience of using Google software smart watches is on Google software smart phones.

The battery life is about one day and you need to charge the Big Bang e once. Hublot provides chargers based on electromagnetic contact. Not bad, but not fancy enough. This forces you to charge your watch on the side or front, and this is not how the luxury watch industry trains people to handle watches. I think Hublot should design some type of optional stand to support the watch so that it can be charged without damaging the case. It is not a thing that disrupts transactions, but it shows that Hublot is not used to making smart watches wear various nuances different from traditional watches because they tend to be superior in terms of ergonomics.

Except for the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch (from the same parent company as Hublot), there is nothing on the market like a direct competitor of Big Bang e. It is full of personality and very masculine. Apple Watch outperforms Apple Watch in terms of functionality, but loses in terms of strong sex. Given that there are many niche user groups who want specific social status and fashion, their smart watches are originally utilitarian wearing experience, which more or less means that the smart watch market for luxury men has matured.

My suspicion is that Hublot’s performance on Big Bang e is very good, simply because so far, consumers have little demand for luxury smart watches. Even if Hublot’s product functions are not as good as the leading smart watch products, Hublot can occupy a wide market share. I regret the lack of a heart rate monitor and more tracking functions, but I like the style of Hublot Big Bang e and find it more satisfying to wear in public. I do hope that Hublot will continue to invest in its smartwatch products and adopt an iterative approach to make each new smartwatch product better than the previous one. I can safely say that the smartwatch category is not a threat to the real mechanical luxury watch market. Smart watches can only hope that they provide the emotional satisfaction of a true watch mechanism and dial. However, smart watches do represent the next frontier of things on the wrists of mainstream consumers. If traditional watchmakers do not accept this experience, they may risk losing countless potential consumers. Hublot is doing wise things.

This 440.NX.1100.RX Hublot Big Bang e 42mm wide titanium smartwatch is currently an entry-level model. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor inside. It represents the latest model when it is released in the summer of 2020. I look forward to the next one. The price of Hublot Big Bang e reference 440.NX.1100.RX is smartwatch.