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Richard Mille Swiss Watches

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Entering the topic, everyone knows that RM is relatively young and has a short history. The real wristwatches we have known before are brands with historical significance. What is worn on the wrist is not just a simple watch, on the wrist. What it carries is determined by many factors such as brand culture, historical significance, time precipitation, craftsmanship, watchmaking craftsmanship, market reaction, etc. However, RM has overcome obstacles with a unique style to break through. Lu Xun once said, “The same is not satisfied with the status quo. , But the means to break the status quo are different: one is innovation, the other is retro. “Breakthrough innovation, the only one who has his own life, Mark Twain also wrote in the book, “Those who come up with new ways have no way Before he succeeded, people always said he was whimsical. “Maybe this is the real world. After reading “Theory of Evolution”, you will know that the main point of the theory of evolution is: there are individual differences in the biological world. Under the pressure of survival competition, suitable Those who are unwell will survive, and those who are unwell will be eliminated; the beneficial traits retained by the species will gradually mutate in the process of generations, and new species will be formed after trait differentiation and the disappearance of intermediate types. Maybe RM is that new species.

The first page of the success story of “Luxury Sports Watch“, can be said to be written by Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak (Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet), shows the effectiveness of this market segment. In the early 21st century, RM did It is they who regard the concept of high-end sports as a one-step (or one-mile) concept, and understand more deeply that there is still enough room for development, whether it is crazy design or crazy price. And the big Richard Mille is like this made.

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He conflicts with today’s major market trends, but is consistent with the practice of most industries. There is no single manufacturing facility that can make rm watches. Instead, the brand interacts with many suppliers in a complex joint action system. Working with partners. Our article on ETA History explains the historical structure of this industry in more detail. Now, we will only say that since the 18th century, watch manufacturers have been cooperating with many different suppliers, such as manufacturing Commerce, blank movement (also known as ebauche), dial painter and many other suppliers. As a direct result, a company can hardly have all the production capacity at the same time.

With this in mind, we must note that we are seeing more and more brands trying to concentrate most of the production process within the company, and there are two main reasons for this. The main thing is that they are forced to do this because key components and basic actions have become more difficult to use. This is all due to high demand and restrictions from major suppliers. This is all the issues we discussed in the ETA article Secondly, being a manufacturer is a stronger and more preferred marketing tool, and usually allows the price premium of the watch swiss to “manufacture Kaliber”

This is widely spread, so vertical integration is generally accepted. Producing everything in-house is better than other production methods. In some cases, this is true. We have seen that for some brands, it is very wonderful. However, when it comes to some truly high-end watches with extraordinary technical solutions, there is relatively limited Within the scope of business, it is almost impossible to invest in specially designed cases, moving parts, dials and all other in-house manufactured products. On the contrary, most brands will cooperate with some of the best professional suppliers in Switzerland.

These joint operations create a center of suppliers, usually jointly maintained by common ownership. When it comes to the production of Richard Mille and its cases, sports, and other components, the situation becomes quite complicated, and of course it requires some almost nothing. Provided explanation. These key companies, once again, are connected by various partners: Horometrie SA, Valgine, Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi (APR&P), and ProArt and Vaucher manufacture Fleurier ( We visited last year). Let’s briefly discuss the different roles these partners play in the conception and production of Richard Mille watches. There are many types of content we can learn from Sohu rm content. Literature. First of all, Horometrie is the legal entity of luxury Richard Mille and the person in charge of the brand’s activities. As far as the concept of new design and creativity is concerned, it is Richard Mille and his team of designers and engineers who designed the new design and concept. When it comes to the realization of these concepts, things get more complicated. One of the key players is Valgine SA, a third-party supplier and private label watch company, which works with many different brands as a “silent partner” “, supply parts, even finished products, and label the customer’s brand. Considering that Valgine’s boss, Dominique Guenat, is also Richard’s old friend, it’s not surprising that Valgine is an important shareholder and supplier of the brand, so Valgine’s The logo can be seen in several places in the Richard Mille room. A little-known fact is that another shareholder of the brand is Audemars Piguet, his high-end watch manufacturing department, called Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi(P), responsible Realize some of Richard Mille’s most complex movements. On the other hand, Vaucher made Fleurier is the source of the brand’s simpler automatic and automatic timing sports, and ProArt (part of the Richard Mille Group) is all Richard Mille cases and sports feet , Bridges and other parts. During our production visit, we first checked ProArt, which is a very new and absolutely super high-end production facility.

And the most interesting thing about RM is its material. We mentioned NTPT carbon because it perfectly illustrates the most pressing difficulties and challenges that most external suppliers cannot overcome. First of all, NTPT is an extremely hard material, in fact It is used to make the mast of the American Cup champion ship. However, from our point of view, more importantly, it is almost impossible to break or scratch-and, it is very difficult because it weakens some tools, It’s like kryptonite weakened Superman (not the exact analogy of this brand). It is composed of 30 micron thick carbon thread, woven into layers, and then stacked in a diagonal manner for extra strength. This material is It is made with a kind of resin, just like the usual carbon fiber composite materials. In the end, the tonneau-shaped box has about 800 layers, stacked together. Maybe this is why Ntpt can make others a premium of millions.