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Geo.Graham watch

Following in the footsteps of late 17th century watch making, GRAHAM explores its origins to transform science into art. Back to George Graham, the father of chronograph, Fellow of the Royal Society and great inventor of measurements instruments for the Greenwich Royal Observatory whose creations contributed to change our vision of the world. graham watches for sale
George Graham, (born c. 1674, Horsgill, Cumberland, Eng.—died Nov. 20, 1751, London), eminent English watchmaker and scientific instrument maker. Graham was apprenticed to a London watchmaker and came to the notice of the renowned watchmaker Thomas Tompion. graham 1695
the shiniest feather in Graham’s cap is that the Geo Graham. A portmanteau of ‘George Graham’, the Geo Graham is the brands’ vary of Haute Horlogerie timepieces that showcases the graham watch company best traits as a market leader in the watchmaking business.
The Geo. Graham Tourbillon is a departure from the über-masculine timepieces for which Graham is normally associated with. This watch could easily have been created in a bygone era. In some respects the dial resembles a 19th century pocket watch and it is only the provision of a strap which accords a degree of modernity.
“Geo” stands for “George” who is the Graham guy that the brand is named after. George Graham was a British watch and clock maker from the 17th century. Even as the brand of today is totally Swiss, they still like to celebrate the English heritage of their namesake.
each Geo.Graham watch features a tourbillon, including versions paired with a {lex-moonphase,moon phase display} or planetarium. Graham outfits their timepieces with ETA movements, which they have modified to their specifications by the