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ulysse nardin lady diver watch

Beauty of the Depths. Always supporting those who push back the limits, Ulysse Nardin is proud to welcomeanew lady ulysse within its team of ambassadors: Italian pro Apnea diver Alessia Zecchini. Her performance and grace in and out the waterhave inspired Ulysse Nardin to create a new Lady 4 Diver X « Great White », limited to 300 pieces only. Dedicated to the art of diving with its freediverengraved on …
Diver Lady Great White limited edition is presented on a rubber strap with a stainless steel pin buckle. The case of each Ulysse Nardin timepiece is individually numbered on the side. The brillance of the diamond hour markers of the Diver Lady Great White limited edition recalls the …
A “talisman” Ulysse Nardin LADY DIVER on her wrist, Alessia plunges to the depths beneath the waves, Xploring the wonders of the ocean like the modern-day Ulysses she is. With a silhouette re-sculpted to 39mm, thinner and discreet, the new LADY DIVER has been created in three iconic colors: deep blue, intense black and mother-of-pearl.
Sa performance et sa grâce dans et hors de l’eau ont inspiré Ulysse Nardin à créer la nouvelle Lady Diver X «Great White», limitée à 300 exemplaires seulement. Dédié à l’art de la plongée avec la plongeuse gravée sur le fond, la montre enrichit la collection existante avec un bijou montre et un instrument fiable.
Ulysse Nardin reveals a stunning new line of LADY DIVER watches launched as Alessia Zecchini, champion free diver and world-record apnea holder, becomes the first female to join the “Ulysse” family of adventurers. In November 2019, the Swiss Manufacture unveiled a sexy, young and sportive series of diving watches exclusively for women, rejuvenating its LADY…
For more than a decade, the Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver Collection has introduced stunning timepieces that are both fine jewelry watches and reliable diving instruments. A favorite among women who demand exquisite style and superb performance, the Lady Diver is a must-have.
The Replica Ulysse Nardin Lady Diver with the reference number 3203-190-3C/10.10 includes a white rubber strap and a mother-of-pearl dial with diamonds. The in-house caliber UN-320 ticks away inside the stainless steel case and has a date display and small seconds dial. You can buy this model for around 8,000 euros in never-worn condition.