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This is a watch that brings good luck

In extraordinary times, all walks of life are under pressure. Two days ago, I received a message from my friend, saying that the peak season at the beginning of the year was always under pressure. Some people who have loans are also dead on their shoulders. Business is not easy, and I feel the same way about it. I also sincerely hope that all the owners and operators, regardless of the size of their business, can successfully go through the extraordinary period.

In special times, I would also like to talk about a special watch, Carl f. Bucherer watches. Before, I started this watch, not because of anything else, but because of its name. When I saw Carl f. Bucherer watches, it suddenly occurred to me that it was a good name. Carl f. Bucherer watches, “Carl f. Bucherer”, means good things, good luck, good fortune, all kinds of treasures come together. Without hesitation, I decided to take it, and I wanted a good prize. I hope it brings good luck.

For watch lovers, Replica Carl f. Bucherer watches should be familiar to you. Carl f. Bucherer watches is not only a famous watch brand, but also one of the most famous famous watch lines in Europe, representing many famous watches. Players who often go to Europe can see the row of Carl f. Bucherer watches. Many brands, including earl, Wanguo and emperor, have launched a special blue edition of Carl f. Bucherer watches. In addition to opening a watch shop, it also makes its own famous watch. Carl f. Bucherer watches is the most famous one among the famous watches. In 2008, Carl f. Bucherer watches launched the first edge automatic motor in the watch, CFB a1000, which is surrounded by the outer ring of the movement, and has no obstruction to the movement while automatically winding. After Carl f. Bucherer watches, such as Bulgari, Baoji and Kingston, the technology has been gradually used in top-level styles. In China, the most famous one is Carl f. Bucherer watches.

Adamavi series is the formal and casual collection of Carl f. Bucherer replica watches. Compared with the most famous marlelon and Bravais series of Carl f. Bucherer watches, edmaer series is regular, but from the perspective of mass consumers, it is Carl f. Bucherer watches that is closest to the public. There are gold watch, gold watch and steel watch. Among them, the public price of gold watch and steel watch is not high. Edmar’s men’s watch is 39 mm in size and 8.77 mm in thickness. It can be said that it is now the standard formal watch size, with appropriate thickness and thickness. This gold watch is 18k rose gold. The case is steel and the ring is rose gold. The integral polishing of watch is the standard way of formal watch processing. The rose gold ring adds to the luxury of the watch.

In order to match the gold case, the dial of this edmaer gold watch also uses rose gold pointer and time mark. This watch uses a taffy needle, alternating three-dimensional time marks, Roman characters and bar time marks. The calendar is located at 3 o’clock on the dial. There is a gold ring in the middle of the dial, which just passes through the calendar window. The surface of the watch appears to be white. In fact, there are fine radial patterns on the surface, which radiate from the center of the dial to the surrounding areas. The disk design of edmaer’s gold watch is generally similar to that of omega (2500 disc flying). Although it has no outstanding features, it can be used in a variety of ways from the perspective of the general public.

The main self-made movement of Carl f. Bucherer watches is the CFB a1000 / 2000 series movement with edge automatic control, which is mainly used in the Bravo and malilon series. In the edmaer series, the main use of universal movement. This edmaer gold watch uses a CFB 1950 automatic movement, 2824 modified by Carl f. Bucherer watches. Carl f. Bucherer watches decorated the movement to a certain extent. The upper layer of the movement was decorated with Geneva stripes, the lower layer was decorated with pearl pattern, and the screws were baked blue. And in the wind up box also has the sun pattern decoration. Among the famous watches of the same level and price, the movement decoration of this watch is still in place. Carl f. Bucherer watches edmaer’s gold watch is made of steel chain, and the multi row watch chain has 18k rose gold on two chain links in the middle. There is no rose gold at the end of the chain. This is also because most of the watch chain at the end will be cut off when cutting the watch chain. The watch clasp of watch, use fold buckle (both sides double open butterfly buckle).