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Carl F. Bucherer launches PATRAVI ScubaTec SFA Special Edition watch for the world cup

2020 is destined to be a time for endless cheers from fans. The world’s biggest football event will open this month, which is the world cup once every four years. In order to better integrate the world cup and watch making industry, Carl F. Bucherer a famous watch brand from Switzerland, has reached a cooperative relationship with the Swiss national team.

To show his sincerity, Carl f. Bucherer also launched a patravi scubatec SFV for the Swiss national team Special edition diving watch, this limited edition watch adopts the striking combination of red and black, with various charming functions: the engraved patterns of various football players can be seen on the multicolor dial, and the SFV logo of the Swiss Football Association makes the watch an eye-catching mark of the brand.

Patravi scubatec SFV diving watch special edition uses all the advanced technology of a top diver’s watch, including integrated strap adjustment, automatic helium valve and one-way rotating ring. It is ideal for both water and underwater. The strong rubber strap and bright red and black ceramic inlay steel watch ring give this extraordinary chronometer a distinctive dynamic feature.

On the back of this outstanding special edition watch, there are unique and individual details: exquisite football engraving and the name of the player to which the watch belongs. As one of the driving forces to strengthen and motivate the entire national team, each athlete will have his own special edition of patravi scubatec SFV diving watch.

It is not very difficult to obtain this special commemorative wristwatch. Now, it is only necessary to accurately predict the total number of goals scored by the Swiss national team in the 2014 Brazil World Cup group match, that is, the chance to win the replica patravi scuba Tec special edition diving watch decorated with the logo of Swiss Football Association.