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Graham Silverstone RS GMT

ANGUS DAVIES recalls GRAHAM SILVERSTONE RS GMT, this timepiece evokes childhood memories of exotic Italian supercars. My relationship with the watch may seem peculiar to many “normal” people. Although some men of my age may treat watches as purely functional items and purchase them to pass on time, my fascination with watches can only be described as “obsession.” Many times, when I hold a watch in my hand and appreciate…

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HYT watch-H1

The new HYT H1 from HYT Watches, the hydraulic mechanical watchmaker, is the first watch with mechanical and fluid dynamic time indication. The watch uses two liquids to indicate the time. The second liquid is transparent and the second is green. They flow through the tube along the outer hour scale. The idea that led to H1 is simple, it consists of two flexible reservoirs fixed at six o’clock on…